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  1. DemonSlayer

    Uploading to 3darchives.in-span.net

    So, uh, how do I get permission to upload to the 3darchives place, where they've got all those Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Heretic II, HeXen II, Quake and Quake II levels? Any help shall be appreciated. :)
  2. DemonSlayer

    Weird dream I had about Linguica last night.....

    Whoa! That's a tripped-out dream you had there, DooMBoy! All I can say is, after reading twice over is: ROFLMAOx20!!!!
  3. DemonSlayer

    bad games

    yeh i h4te teh terible gramer that s0me peeple use on tehse forumms.its like poeple dont' no hwo to tipe for somethig.
  4. DemonSlayer


    No, this time I'm not experiencing technical difficulties trying to run it. I just got through play through the first Episode of Heretic using it and it looks friggin' amazing. The MD2's look awesome, and so does all the dynamic lighting. Not to mention everything else in the game. I finally got to see the Episode One sky as it would look in 3D. /me dashes off to experience some more JHeretic
  5. DemonSlayer

    doom and Windows XP

    Yes, just get Windows98SE or Windows 95ß. That should work a lot better than Windows XP.
  6. DemonSlayer

    I need a Heretic Frontend......

    It's a VooDoo3 (yeah, I knwo, everybody has one of those cards). I've never had any problems running OpenGL source ports up til JHeretic.
  7. DemonSlayer

    I need a Heretic Frontend......

    Nevermind....I got it to recognize the DrOpengl.dll thingamabob. The only prob I have now is that whenever I try to load up JHeretic, I get some crazy error saying "Inialization of DrOpengl.dll failed: error 1157" or close to that. It's a problem either way. What do I do?
  8. DemonSlayer

    I need a Heretic Frontend......

    Well, elbryan, I just tried JHeretic. It doesn't work. It tells me I have no drOpengl.dll file in my Windows\System folder. I look and see this is true. Then I use find file and click and drag the found drOpengl.dll file into Windows\System. All of a sudden, an annoying BLEEP! and a "Cannot move this file to the desired destination" error. Some thing like that. Sigh.
  9. DemonSlayer

    I need a Heretic Frontend......

    Well, I just downloaded and played through the Shareware Heretic. I noticed that, obviously, the graphics were terribly outdated, so I looked up GLHeretic, over on the Google website and I found what I was looking for. Problem was though, when I unzipped it, and put it in my Doom directory, I found I couldn't use it with Heretic. This was because the shareware Heretic I downloaded just came with the WAD and that's all. I figured out you can play Heretic using ZDoom v.1.23ß8a, or something like that: when ZDoom loads up, it asks you if it's going to be Doom or Heretic1.wad. So I loaded up Heretic1, or shareware Heretic. So I figured if I could load it up that way, then I could click and drag it and GLHeretic over onto the ZDoom.exe. Apparently not. ZDoom crashes and gives me a strange error. Funny thing is, ZDoom v.1.22 runs perfectly, and click-and-dragging WADs onto it causes no problem whatsoever. Anyway, in conclusion, is there a Heretic Frontend I can download and use to play GLHeretic? Please tell me; this is important to me.
  10. DemonSlayer

    i would like to see friendly monsters!

    "I would like to see friendly monsters in Doom3." HEAVENLY HEROD HANDSTANDING ON A POPSICLE-STICK!!!! What kind are you talking about? You want an Imp that shakes your hand and pats your back instead of slinging Fireballs at you?!?! You want a Shotguy that plays checkers with you instead of blowing you to Kingdom Come?!?! HELLO? ANYONE THERE?!??!!! It's Doom, for fuck's sake!!!!! Thanks for hearing shout and scream my true feelings.
  11. DemonSlayer

    BSP and Randomizers

    Does anyone, ANYONE know where I can a BSP blocker for SLIGE? Besides doomworld.com/slige? That site is far too slow and it just gives me a file not found error when I try to download the BSP blocker itself so I can run SLIGE's randomly-generated levels. While I'm here (have to go to work in a little bit), where can one find a good Ultimate Doom/Doom2 randomizer? Thanks.
  12. DemonSlayer

    best doom moments

    Well, for me, these are the top three moments: Playing through Episode One and becoming hooked shortly there after. Playing E2M2 (Containment Area, I think) and just marveling at how half of it was like a base and the other half was a part of Hell. Twisted. Finding out you could upgrade Doom to Ultimate Doom, Doom WADs/mods, PCs/TCs, ZDoom, and JDoom. (Among other ports, too numerous to name.)
  13. DemonSlayer

    DW redesign

    Hey, none too shabby, Linguica! I like how everything's laid out. Too bad some of the clickable stuff goes nowhere.
  14. DemonSlayer

    Help me here...

    ....how do I get the chase-camera thing to work in Legacy?
  15. DemonSlayer

    Why do you peole obbses about Kat

    Why do people obsess about Kat? Well, is there is a good reason not to?