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  1. You guys are sore, pathetic losers. Microsoft acquiring Activision is nothing but a net positive. Bobby Kotick will be gone. Studios will be free from CoD. CoD will stay at PS and even release on Nintendo. All Activision games will release on Game Pass, the best deal in gaming, but you guys don't know that because y'all are loser Nintendo fanboys who believe that subscriptions destroy the industry. God, I wish I was here to see the Bethesda acquisition, would be great to see the salt and tears on your faces.
  2. BomberBlur07

    Box office flops

    A good flop from this year is Moonfall by well known disaster movie director Ronald Emmerich. It grossed a mere $59 million compared to a budget of $138 million.
  3. BomberBlur07

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    Time to bump the thread again, hope you don't mind. I managed to beat E4M2 (and 6, but that's insignificant) without saves, and man it's something I really don't want to do again. Now I'm onto Doom 2. The first 7 maps were fairly straightforward, but then came map 08, Tricks and Traps. It's a shame too, Sandy Petersen made my favorite maps in Doom 1. I hate that hard maps are the new norm. Do you guys know any wads that are considered good, but also fairly easy? I might try them after I beat Doom 2.
  4. BomberBlur07

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    Time to make an update post. I managed to get through E4M2, but it was with saves so I didn't feel that much of an accomplishment. M3, 4 and 5 were much easier and much more fun to play. Then came E4M6. That should say everything I felt when I tried to play that map. I guess I'm just not a fan of Romero, which is a shame because his E1 maps were great. Checking wad reviews, man I don't know what to say. People praising the hard maps as the best ones, like I don't get it. I just don't understand how people love these maps. And don't even get me started on Plutonia, I can't even get past map 01. Are you guys masochists or something?
  5. BomberBlur07

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    On my way to beat Doom 1 on UV, the first two maps of E4 wrecked me. They are super grindy, super hard and not fun at all. I always get enraged when I play these maps. Yet, many of the "good" wads out there are super hard and grindy. I don't get it. How do people even enjoy this shit? This can also apply to other games as well, I never liked the Souls games for example. (Off topic, I miss the mindless approach late 2000s, early 2010s games took. I wish they did that type of games again.) How do people even enjoy these kinds of hard maps?
  6. I tried to fiddle around with a map editor to see if I can create something, so I got UDB since many people used it. But after trying it for a few minutes, I couldn't understand how many people manage to use it, because the interface is downright confusing in my opinion. Lots of buttons that I have no idea what they're doing, most basic stuff complicated to its max, and don't get me started on the visual mode. The only way I could get out of it was Alt+F4, and that just closes the application. Even on visual mode I could do nothing, nothing has a clear way of doing. The only thing I could make was a rectangular box with and imp and a super shotgun, with no way out of it because making something as simple as making a level exit has no clear way of doing so. Is there any user-friendly and easy to use alternatives to UDB even? Everyone can make maps, except me apparently.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm a Doom newbie and I decided to speedrun one of my favorite Doom 2 maps, The Courtyard. I hope to improve my time on this level and look at other levels as well. Hope I labeled everything correctly! This is my UV Pacifist run of Doom 2's Map 18 with a time of 0:34. pa18-034.zip