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  1. OK Thanks. I'll try to keep all this stuff in and if possible timewise further improve on it!
  2. Also since I'm not only curious but also don't want to end up cutting something that I arguably shouldn't since it might be good I was wondering if you could elaborate on what you think these neat ideas are: Thanks in advance for your reply and also thanks again for your last post. It was really positive & I liked it :)
  3. Thanks a lot for the kind words and the motivational speech and also no worries: I needed treatment like the kind I was getting earlier to get reason through that thick skull of mine (yes I saw that post before you deleted it...).Also come to think of it I was being kind of an asshole myself, so I didn't really deserve better...
  4. Also that's an interesting suggestion. I may just look into it... Thanks!
  5. Thanks. Also yes I was thinking of doing something like that, though I imagined something more along the lines of 2 or maybe 3 episodes long. It will probably be quite a while before I have the time and motivation to take on something like this though...
  6. Also just so that people are aware my maps in this project (even as it currently stands) are all at least 75-80% original with the exeption of E1M3, E2M3, E2M4, E3M1, E3M3, E3M5, E3M6, E3M7, E3M9, E4M1 & E4M2 which are 100% my own creations and don't contain a single linedef copy pasted from anyone else's work, E3M8 which is like 50% copy pasted and E1M7 whose originality procentage I can't really estimate because it started off life as a full Doom1 E1M8 copy paste (back when I decided I was going to make this map for RAMP and decided to start there) but then got changed up and added to more and more until eventualy becoming a tribute map and first being released to RAMP as the map named "Boss Rush" (map156) and then turned into the map that is in this WAD today. If you don't believe me then I'd be happy to send you the WAD (minus Razza's level) and the very extensive README (that talks of this in great detail) so that you can find out for yourself!
  7. Yes, exactly. I agree! That's exactly what happend!
  8. OK even I can't argue with that. I just never thought of it that way before & while I can't agree with the following: ,because my vivid memory of all the work I did do for this project actively contradicts it I will admit that my attitude hasn't done anything to let people believe me. I really did make most of the maps in this project myself and tried to make most of each of them fully original at that, but ran out of both ideas and time and then decided to resort to copy pasting as I wanted to be done with the project ASAP, rather than get bogged down for weeks, months or maybe even years in trying to make collosal uber detailed maps, that also play great like Insane_Gazebo with Sunder. I had many struggles in my personal life recently, wanted this project to be over ASAP so that I could move on to dealing with these struggles, but at the same time still allowed my ambition with this project to be way higher than I should have in such a situation, as a result decided to cut corners and look for short cuts to success and never even stopped to think that what I'm doing isn't OK (in fact I even felt entitled to do such things as I thought that, what I'm going through makes what I was doing justified), for which I am sorry. Because of this I would like to: 1. I am sorry for anyone I may have offended in my last few posts, as I clearly wasn't thinking straight and was too busy being outraged on how my attempts at wraping up the project were being rejected, while thinking what I did was perfectly fine AND 2. Let everyone know that this: is not true as I am instead a genuine and legit experienced mapper who just allowed himself to take quite a few shortcuts too many and convinced himself that doing so is OK. AND 3. Announce that I will indeed not distribute the current version of the WAD without permission of every mapper involved in it's creation and will therefore remove @Razza's map and if any other mapper comes forth their levels before sending the WAD off to people in DM's. I still intend on keeping the download links removed so that people don't download the current not permited WAD, and may even consider taking out other copy-pasted sections (even though I have permission to keep them in), but only if my motivation to work on this project returns (as it's currently all spent) and if I also get any free time (as I will no longer have any for quite a while now due to my school obligations which have accumulated). If anyone really wants to get their hands on these WADS I will send it to them after I've removed Razza's level and potencialy any other content that people, who've worked on this project decide they want gone, but other than that this is the only activity this project is likely to see for the next few weeks, months or perhaps even longer. Again, I'm sorry!
  9. You have a point there and I do agree with you, but I've just about had it with the criticism. For that reason I've decided to remove the download links and from now on only distribute the WAD through DM's to people who actually want it and are willing to message me for it. @Razza I hope you're happy now... If any other Cleanout mapper wishes to voice their disagrement on the inclusion of their stuff, then by my guest. Do so! They'll just have to to release their maps or music made for this project on their own then. If anyone else wants to talk shit about the project and disassociate themselves from it than they can do that too. I no longer care!
  10. I'm not disrespecting anyone. I'm just voicing my opinion on unfounded BS criticism and there is NOTHING shamefull about it!
  11. 1100 hours is the total number of hours spent on the wad when accounting for other people's time investment as well. 1000 hours is just the amount I invested myself, so he is right there.
  12. Yes I thought it looked cool so I used it! As far as I'm concerned though that's perfectly okay as 1. Insane_Gazebo allows it (as I have spoken to him about it) and 2. The Sunder README says and I quote: " * Copyright / Permissions * Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels. Seriously, go have some fun! It's not like I'm getting paid for this. " Also I fixed what I needed to fix to get the wad back on the site and rectify my mistake of copy-pasting from wads that don't allow it. As far as wads that do allow it are concerned I see no issues in leaving those sections there, especialy because IN MOST CASES I AT LEAST MADE THE EFFORT OF RETEXTURING AN/OR CHANGING THE GEOMETRY AROUND before I called it a day so as far as I'm concerned that makes it even less of a problem! If you or any else has a problem with that than that's your problem not mine! Again I thought it looked cool so I used it. AnArchaicApparatus already told me they don't mind so again I see no issue in this. Also people make stuff that looks very much like stuff from the IWAD's all the time so again I see no issues. Also I changed up what was copied more than enough so yeah... Big disagree there, especialy with what your saying about the quality of the levels. Some of these maps (of mine) are absolute masterpeices, as far as I'm concerned. Also if the vast majority of this site is in disagreement with me than I suppose I'm not going to use this site anymore and go somewhere else. I don't intend on letting my view's get challenged by haters such as yourself! Your problem, not mine. Since I couldn't find any information about who made the track (becuase there was none) and it was available right from the suggested music page and was free and in an official microsoft video editor I can only assume that the person that made it knew & consented with the fact that people are going to use it in they're videos and share them around (since that's the whole bloody point of the app in the first place) and that the song is therefore copyright free and that the author doesn't want to be / care about being credited by name. If my asumptions are incorrect and the author still somehow expected people to try to find they're name in spite of none being provided and respect copyright even though the damn track can be freely used by everyone and there is no warning of it's use than they are a complete idiot, who deserved to have this sort of thing happen to them! Therefore I see no issue with what I wrote! Again, if you think this wad or even the trailer is a knock off than that's your problem, not mine! I put a lot of effort into making as many areas as original as I could, only copy-pasted when I ran out of ideas/time and even then made an effort to change up what I copy-pasted so it's not completely identical, and if people don't see that than that's just sad... That's because it's not a link embeded in the video (as I don't know how to insert those and truth be told, didn't even think of making it that while making the trailer), but rather a link you're suppose to re-type in to your browser and then follow. I thought that would be obvious when clicking on the link didn't do anything.
  13. Very exciting news everyone: I've just made a super epic trailer for Cleanout that I wanted to get out to all of you: https://clipchamp.com/watch/P4pwxQeJudD. Not bad for 3 hours work... (I'm not joking - I legit managed to slap this masterpeice together and record all the footage for it in only 3 hours) Also I've made some relatively significant changes to the last 4 maps (E4M5-E4M8) and would like to apologize for my low motivation and I don't give a shit attitude that I've displayed in my last couple of post. I just didn't like being so publicaly called out for my mistake and forced to do all that extra work that I had to, even though it ultimately proved to be a good thing (as it not only resulted in all these changes I've made to these last 4 maps and the trailer, but also saw me find some progression errors in the maps that I had to replace the copy-pasted bits in - namely E3M2...). I hope this super epic trailer and these modifications are enough to make you all forgive me...
  14. Since the thread got re-open I had restored the download links. I will admit I did go a bit too far with the copy-pasting and that I really should have read the README's before doing it too see if it's even allowed but it's all fixed now so whatever... Enjoy the WAD's I guess...