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  1. I'm pulling out of the project, since there's something I want to focus on more and also get a good chunk of it done by the end of the year. Good luck to the others.
  2. Guess I could make something for this, since I didn't make any Christmas maps last year.
  3. Axuris

    Random Image Thread

  4. Axuris

    So, how old are you ?

    Just turned 15.
  5. Thanks! Kinda surprised you enjoyed Map07, given that I think it's the worst map in the set, although it is way better than my first attempt at a Dead Simple clone.
  6. Axuris

    [Community Project] VANITY

    I'm gonna drop my map slot because I have to deal with some IRL stuff and have also decided to start preparing for a big project.
  7. Axuris

    [Community Project] VANITY

    Since I'm in the mood for mapping, but don't know what to make, I guess I could give this project a shot. Give me Map11. Edit: think I might try to remake my old Scythe: Resharpened map
  8. Axuris

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Map01 Solo-Net UV-Max in 2:54 p201c254.zip https://youtu.be/DPRnXamGh1k
  9. Axuris

    Doom IIII demos [-complevel 2]

    I looked through the wad's DSDA page and in some demos the txt says that it's complevel 2. Suppose it really is limit-removing.
  10. Axuris

    Doom IIII demos [-complevel 2]

    DooM IIII UV-Speed demos (now with correct complevel) Map01 in 0:11 diiii01-11.zip https://youtu.be/QAEze_rhi4Y Map02 in 0:19 diiii02-19.zip https://youtu.be/f1kLMR2kTZw Map03 in 0:30 diiii03-30.zip https://youtu.be/ZClfKZDrS-o Map04 in 0:23 diiii04-23.zip https://youtu.be/l_1SWiZd-3M Map05 in 0:19 diiii05-19.zip https://youtu.be/uE2IaXp2XK8 Map06 in 0:39 diiii06-39.zip https://youtu.be/56lA0sy76U4 Map07 in 0:36 diiii07-36.zip https://youtu.be/4fHSyXA0fqA Map08 in 1:27 diiii08-127.zip https://youtu.be/Sj6y2pycYj4 Map09 in 0:32 diiii09-32.zip https://youtu.be/RWfpj1qkjIo Map10 in 0:10 diiii10-10.zip https://youtu.be/ogpTTG6g2y8 Map11 in 0:08 diiii11-8.zip https://youtu.be/Pr8mzakMRys
  11. Axuris

    Doom IIII demos [-complevel 2]

    Huh, the wad's text file says that it's meant to be played with cl9. Guess I'll just redo them.