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  1. {FcOd}Diablo

    Gta:Sa Offically recieves AO Rating

    Edited for the good of the people: I, myself am 15 and 7 months old. I have played San Andreas and beaten the game completely 100% about 3 times (i have no life guys :p). The day the game was released, i went to my parents (both of which have seen me play the previous titles such as Vice City and 3, my dad has played Vice City a few times) and gave them the money and asked them if while im at school they could get the game for me just in case stock runs out due to high-demand. I come home and wait for my dad to come home and he gives it to me and i play it. So now onto the more interesting stuffs... IF your parents buy the game for you and are completely aware of its content. It shouldnt really matter. If some idiotic Dutch (i think) guy has the time to dig into Rockstars code and dig this mini-game out of it. He needs to get a life and stop looking at animated porn. Along with all the other people that download this mod and use it. I was waiting for the PC version to come out and i was gunna buy it soon. But now because of this AO rating due to some "User Created" mod that allows a sex-mini game to be enabled. I myself had no idea that it had recieved an AO rating until me and my dad were in Wal-Mart today. I was looking at PS2 games and i was like "hmm...wheres San Andreas..?" i walked to XBOX..No San Andreas...PC...No San Andreas...I didnt even see the tags for it anymore after which i jokingly said to my dad "What now? Is Wal-Mart in their GTA is to violent to sell here phase again?" and he was like "No, didnt you hear it got an AO rating because of one of those things you can get off the internet that changes the game?" i said "A Mod?" he says "Yea, somebody made a mod that like allows you to see all these sex scenes and crap" and i was like WHAT?!..After we got home he showed my the page on Yahoo News. And i couldnt believe my eyes...Now IMO People need to get a god d***ed life, its a f***ing game. Its meant for the people to enjoy and not for the media to attack because of some stupid mod. If they are going to recall my San Andreas so be it. I just find it completely idiotic that they go and change a rating because someone got into more then likely unautorized code and enabled the sex scenes. The guy who made it needs to go hack some other game like The Sims (cuz i personally dont care about that game) but not GTA, GTA hasnt caused me and NEVER will cause me to run around, do drugs, steal s***, and what have you...I find it idiotic that it needs to be re-rated because of something this idiotic but w/e... [size=18]SAN ANDREAS MUST LIIIVE!!![/size]
  2. {FcOd}Diablo

    First Time Playing Commander Keen

    So me and my friend were really bored today, and we made a movie of what it would be like, someone playing Commander Keen for the first time (sorta) You need to click the link, then scroll down and click on free...If anyone has a better server i can host this on, please let me know ;) Clicky
  3. {FcOd}Diablo

    Flash Animation

    Linguica, how can i have a CD key with the trial version? And lizard commando i used motion tweening, and i get the same effect as i do with keyframes....must not be using it right....
  4. {FcOd}Diablo

    Flash Animation

    Hey, does anyone knoe about any good flash tutorial websites? Or, does anyone know how you make things move smooth without using 50 million keyframes. I am using Macromedia Flash MX 2004, and any help would be appriciated
  5. {FcOd}Diablo

    GTA: San Andreas

    1: That would be so kick ass, Laslo ruled 2: Pink Floyd!! O_O YAY!!! I was happy when Iron Maiden was in VC
  6. {FcOd}Diablo

    GTA: San Andreas

    Lol, that would be excelent, nuttin scarier than a big red levitatiing ball stealing a school bus :P
  7. {FcOd}Diablo

    GTA: San Andreas

    Anyone else got release dates for me, and not "Hey there's a black guy in this game, its racist"?
  8. {FcOd}Diablo

    GTA: San Andreas

    O_O ahh!! another date ive been hearing....
  9. {FcOd}Diablo

    GTA: San Andreas

    Ok, so the release date is supposed to be October 19th? Thats the date that ive heard most often so thats the one I am probably going to go with. And who really cares if the main character is black, doesnt really mean the game is racist or its impliing that all black ppl are criminals, just as long as the game as fun most people probably wont even pay any attention to that.
  10. {FcOd}Diablo

    GTA: San Andreas

    Ok, i can tell by the screenshots and movies on the website that this is going to be one majorly kick ass game. But ive asked many people, read through diffrent magizines, and searched various websites, and every time i look at one of them i get a diffrent realease date. So, If anyone knows the correct (EXACT) date that this monster will be released post it here, it would be greatly appriciated.
  11. {FcOd}Diablo


    So i couldnt fall asleep last night, i decided to throw together a map. It is a Skulltag DM Map that is marble themed. Here is the link http://i.domaindlx.com/diabloswads/MarbDM.wad Check it out and post some feedback
  12. {FcOd}Diablo

    A map based on my kid dreams in '94

    preatty good map man.