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  1. enVision

    ZDaemon Starter Guide

    Hello to everyone, enVision from ZDaemon here. There seems to be a lot of questions asked about certain features of ZDaemon and it only seems appropriate for me to offer use to the ZDaemon Starter Guide. It offers everything you'd want to know about ZDaemon from settings up a server to becoming a better DM player. Take a look at it zdaemon.org/starterguide]here If there's anything you think should be in, please say so. I am already planning other guides such as a how to play DTag guide. Cheers.
  2. enVision

    newbie 2 multiplayer

    If you choose to use ZDaemon, check out the starter guide I created. It features everything you would want to know about the port and even includes a DM training guide. zdaemon.org/starterguide]ZDaemon Starter Guide
  3. You're not going to get it any lower, you've reched the limits of the technology. A 56k modem 50 miles from me pings 180 at least. If you get it reasonably lower than that let me know ;)