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  1. Mine was B4NM, I didn't know it was a terry wad at the time
  2. Guys I may have made a BIG mistake, so I'm working on another doom wad and when I was in slade I accidentally set the map marker to unknown, and aI saved it on accident. Can anyone help me get it back?

  3. Jackson

    Store of DOOM!

    It is here, the most magnificent doom wad ever known to mankind. Download here: Download Story: You are bored, so you go to the store but... Everybody is a demon! We need to uncover the secrets, and fast...
  4. Jackson

    New Doom Wad Releasing Soon!

    I have great news! I know pool full game might have been a flop but I am working on a new doom wad! This wad is a store, and one of the best parts are that it's two player compatible and it has lots of hard work and love put into it. Here is the map so far Map image 1 Note that this may not be the full map.
  5. Jackson

    Pool Full Game

    thank you thecyberdruid.
  6. Jackson

    Pool Full Game

    no faceman2000, it is meant to be a swimming pool, not billiards, and I don't know if it is compatible with ZDoom...
  7. Jackson

    Pool Full Game

    It is here! My first ever doom wad, I have made lots of other mods but they are just map remakes, I use Zandronum so I believe this is not compatible with ZDoom sourceports, but anyways, Download. note that there are no new monsters, music, or items in this wad. But the story to the wad is: You randomly wake up in a swimming pool zone, and there are demons swimming in the water, and you go to many weird places, like map03 is a demon race, and map24 is a hell cruise ship! And map30 is a spiderdemon fight.