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  1. Snyp3r

    Flamethrower and Pistol Flashlight Mods

    Oh man the flamethrower effect looks wicked, good work, hope to see more mods from you in the future :)
  2. Snyp3r

    Nightmare skill - holy bejesus.

    Sounds like fun :P too bad the monsters don't respawn though, I was looking forward to that :-\
  3. Snyp3r

    Doom 3 on GU comics

    Well, it's a little funny I guess...I have to agree with FlatHead though, you need sleep.
  4. Snyp3r

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Well I may try it out, dunno if it's worth losing multiplayer over though (I plan on DMing late into the night with my friends).
  5. Snyp3r

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    I'm 15, and my dad lets me play whatever I want, in fact, he's seen the games I play on several occasions and the amount of gore in it, and is just fine with it.
  6. Snyp3r


    Wanna tell us how you did it? :)
  7. Snyp3r

    FX 5200

    I think we're just those people who are obsessed with worrying about our hardware, and nothing except the real game with make us stop worrying :p
  8. Snyp3r

    Doom 3 monsters ????

    THAT was supposed to be a hell knight?! /me roffles
  9. Snyp3r

    Co-op mod?

    Just found the co-op mod, irc.efnet.net, #doom3mods. The guys who are working on it are there, and you should be able to get a buggy alpha of the mod if you ask for it.
  10. Snyp3r

    FX 5200

    I'm also one of those people who's stuck with a simple FX5200, I'd like to see how well it runs D3 myself (probably 640x480, medium settings?).
  11. Snyp3r


    Maybe the scientists would give zombies chainsaws and watch em deathmatch each other during lunch break.
  12. Snyp3r

    new doom3 trailer

    Well maybe he just wanted to give people a good view of the demons, standing up close and only seeing a random body part of a demon doesn't make for a good trailer.
  13. Snyp3r

    Doom 3 monsters ????

    Wasn't that only in some of the 2002 trailers or something? It might not be in the full version, which is too bad, it coulda been cool...
  14. Snyp3r

    Quick tips for n00bs (updated)

    Good thread, answered all my questions about Doom 3 :)
  15. Snyp3r

    Doom 3 Glitch

    Are there any options that involve lighting, like special effects or something? Try turning up/on different settings, and seeing if you get any response. If nothing works, then it might be something with your video card.