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  1. The scene looks quiet. I've been away a loooong time. I lost my pw, all my accounts still point to a now-defunct email address, and so I've been out of the scene.

    Now my home box is a mini-itx board mounted in a red plastic toolbox. It runs Slackware 10.0. I have successfully run Legacy and Freedoom, and I've compiled yadex and bsp. I'm gearing up for some dooming again.

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    2. captmellow


      Bloodshedder: no, I don't have it. I lost my hd, and I had closed my bigfoot email account. So I am stuck. :(

      DJ_Haruko: It downloaded TONS of stuff. I have dsl at home, so it was no problem. Just remember to change the swaret.conf so that it upgrades the kernel as well. If you don't update the kernel, you'll get all sorts of 'missing modules' messages.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Hey cap! You probably don't remember me (in fact, you're probably before my time. Hey, doesn't that make you feel old?) but welcome back :)

    4. Danarchy


      Hey, I remember you.