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  1. captmellow

    Murder Eclipse

    this is re: the flash-only site navigation, right? it's a great choice of words, really appropriate.
  2. captmellow

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    e2m9 mystery meat cool tune, it owns me.
  3. captmellow

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    I've heard the intro and the e1m1 song so far, I'm getting the torrent for the rest. So far, it sounds decent. I have no idea what genre to expect, but the e1m1 rendition was close to what I expected.
  4. captmellow

    checking back in

    I've been away for a loooong time. The second-biggest hurdle has been my now-defunct capt.mellow@bigfoot.com email account, which was my key to the dw kingdom. Combine that with a lost hd & concomitant ftp pw, and I am effectively locked out of my dw pages. Of course, the biggest hurdle was my own capricious departure from the scene to pursue other diversions. :) Anyway, I have updated my email address in the profile. I see the iwad has come along nicely, but still needs work. Is anyone still actively working on this?
  5. So, I got ahold of this Compaq iPaq. I flashed a linux bootloader onto it, then connected to it w/ hyperterminal on my xp box through the serial cradle. I got to the boot prompt, then uploaded the linux kernel via ymodem and overwrote that PocketPC os. WOOT!

    Ahem. So now, the xp box is dead, so on my linux box, I use minicom to again connect via the serial cradle. I can get to the linux installation, log in as root, do cli stuff, etc., but I reaaaalllly want to get x installed so I can use the screen and stylus. I gotta get usb networking going, but my file is sort of weird:

    What I'm not sure about is the ip addresses. I have a router which is functioning as a gateway--it maintains the pppoe connection, and assigns ips to all the comps (including the linux box which the ipaq is connected to) in the house via dhcp. I'm not sure if in 'GW_ADDR=' I should give the router's ip or the linux box's ip.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I would assume you would use the routers IP address since that's your gateway.

      My only question is why are you providing what appears to be a static IP for your iPaq if you use DHCP? I may have missed something in that shell script, though.

    3. captmellow


      DJ_Haruko said:

      I would assume you would use the routers IP address since that's your gateway.

      My only question is why are you providing what appears to be a static IP for your iPaq if you use DHCP? I may have missed something in that shell script, though.

      LOL well I have no idea what I'm doing, that's why. I've gotten this far by trickery and bluffing. ;) I'm not sure if the how-to I've been following is assuming that the linux box is using a PPPoE connection (and therefore truly is the gateway) or not. That how-to also doesn't seem to mention anything about dhcp, so I think I'll have some more research to do.

      I'll just need to spend some time RTM to see how that file should be set up. I was about to upload that file to the ipaq, but it needed a recharge, and the serial cradle doesn't have a charger. And just as well, b/c I need to spend more time than a sloppy edit job on that file.

    4. captmellow


      Sephiroth said:

      infact there where ipaq's made with linux already installed! i remember seeing a few at office depo once.

      Hmmm . . . I think you might be talking about the Zaurus. That would be my dream pda, but this iPaq I got in a trade for an old IBM Workpad (Palm III).

  6. captmellow

    Anti-Spyware Software Reputability List

    I use Ad-Aware & Spybot S&E together. I installed Spybot on most ppl's comps at work using cain & abel to get a remote shell, mounting a share containing the install file, and then doing a silent installation from the command line (check http://www.safer-networking.org/en/faq/30.html for cli fun). The result is that the users can keep working on their comp without me having to use vnc and take over their kb/m. Then I also set up a couple scheduled tasks which go to 2 different batch files to run spybot in silent mode: one to update, one to scan & remove stuff. Those run once a week on everyone's comp. Unfortunately, Ad-Aware is gui-only, which makes automation impossible, and don't bring up autoit, it's bogus for doing unattended admin stuff. Be sure to immunize with Spybot, as it will trap any writes to the registry, but disable it when you install/upgrade stuff. I used Hijackthis to remove a particularly stubborn bit of IE-hijacking Spyware (a browser "helper" object which had run amuck in the registry) from someone's comp at work. It it recommended that you check some forums where ppl are posting their hijackthis logs, it will give you a good idea of what to remove or leave alone. I installed Firefox on a few ppl's comps, and told them never to use IE ever again. Ever since, whenever I scan those comps with Ad-Aware/Spybot S&E, it shows up NOTHING. Weeks later, NOTHING again. I'm dead serious about not using IE, it is the number one vulnerability to Spyware. I know you don't want a browser war, but a spade's a spade, and to deny it is to stick your head in the sand. Any scatological protests won't change that fact. Anyone defending IE at this point is completely clueless. It's like defending asbestos vs. fiberglass, or defending lead paint. If you must use IE (some web apps require it), then at least disable activex. But that's not going to protect you--much. I see you're quite zealously guarding your topic, but haven't you heard of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure? Incredibly, you mention that you want open discussion, yet then you're attacking ppl who are recommending ways to prevent getting spyware in the first place. Maybe you're not interested in avoiding spyware. Maybe you just enjoy removing it. I don't know. /me shrugs
  7. . . . for my PC-2100 512MB DDR RAM, and then I can begin assembly. The replacement mb (the prev one was defective--died after 4 days) is a Chaintech 7VIL1 VIA KT266 Socket A mATX, into which will go a 1.2 gz AthlonXP and a Apollo "Bloody Monster" (geforce 4 mx440, 64 mb, pci). We'll see if it'll run Doom3 later, but I will be plenty busy becoming reacqainted with UT2004, which I know will purr like a kitten.

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    2. captmellow


      True, pci's not the best, but I have played ut2004 on that same cpu/gfx board, and it was quite playable. I do have my doubts about it running Doom3, though.

    3. Combustable


      Point is, you = fucked

    4. Csonicgo


      I don't understand why you say that. doom3 runs fine on my computer, and I don't have a famous.. or expensive card.

  8. captmellow

    Anti-Spyware Software Reputability List

    No, I think that CERT, Homeland Security, and countless others have said enough on the subject. That using IE poses a security problem is not even debatable any more. But whether ppl keep using IE, I don't mind or care.
  9. captmellow

    1.2 ghz ambiguity?

    I have heard a lot of different stories on the minimum specs for Doom3. I have a pci geforce4, 512mb PC-2100 ddr ram, and I know that all falls well within the required hardware. However, I am uncertain about the minimum cpu speed. I have an athlonxp 1.2 ghz (266 mhz FSB). I have heard that the minimum speed is 1 ghz, then 1.2 ghz, and most recently 1.5 ghz. I was thinking that I'm all set, but now I'm not sure. I think my mb could handle just swapping out the cpu, but if the current one's okay, I won't bother.
  10. captmellow

    Should I buy a new processor or a new video card?

    Hmmm you really need a whole new rig, buddy. Send me yours . . .
  11. captmellow

    1.2 ghz ambiguity?

    Yep, it's mx440, 64 mb ddr memory. It's an Apollo board, 'Bloody Monster', got it cheap at compgeeks.com.
  12. I'm finally giving fluxbox a serious try. It's lean and fast, and the config files are as easy as icewm. I like the uncluttered desktop and the speed. And using the mousewheel to switch workspaces is super nifty.

  13. Well, I'm going to upgrade from my PS1 to . . . something. Not sure which, as they all have their good points.

    gamecube: cheaper price; metroid; more star wars titles; zelda; rogue spear

    playstation2: rockstar games; more titles than gamecube; can install linux ...

    xbox: doom3; halo; unreal championship; rockstar games;

    What am I thinking? Doom3 won't run on my pc, but it will run on the xbox. Well, I guess my mind's made up.

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    2. Bashe


      Grimm said:

      Timesplitters 2 sucked, so much

      Oh noes!!! I can't be true! I loved TS2!

    3. SYS


      Game Cube Licks Donkey Nuts. Only games I like for it are the Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil 0, & the new metroid game. Everything else sucks the big one.

    4. Sephiroth


      yea thats about all i played on the game cube

  14. captmellow

    Win98 Users SOL

    Memory problem? Sounds like something flaky w/ the hardware, anyway. /me likes slack, btw
  15. captmellow

    checking back in

    tarin? you now go by boris? why, pray tell?
  16. captmellow

    Win98 Users SOL

    . . . which is why I have been getting into consoles as of late.
  17. captmellow

    Win98 Users SOL

    Actually, no effort at all was required--when you share a computer with others, including children, and everyone is installing stuff when you're not around, it happens. Anyway, whatever dogmatic 98-holdouts will say, progress goes on. They can keep running old hardware and an old os, and they can gripe that the rest of the world has moved on, and then I guess they can start living in a shack in the woods and mail bombs to the people who make the new hardware and the new os's. I'm sure somewhere there's someone complaining that there's no good DOS games coming out anymore.
  18. captmellow

    Win98 Users SOL

    Hmmmmm . . . XP actually ran faster on our celeron 900 (r.i.p.) than 98 did. Booted faster, more responsive interface, etc. I was shocked. Granted, the 98 install was getting pretty flaky/unstable.
  19. captmellow

    Win98 Users SOL

  20. captmellow

    checking back in

    Well, I am willing to give Yadex a spin and help out with some levels. My own mapping experience is limited to a ZDoom CTF map, which I made a loooong time ago and played with Carnevil on Doomserv, and a few other unreleased dm maps. It looks like all the maps are already assigned, but many of them were assigned 1-2 years ago, so perhaps some of them have been abandoned? BTW I heard Tarin mention that his map02 is done, and so that 'in dev' status could be updated to 'done'. Also, I was glad to see my lava was still included, _and_ my song! :)
  21. captmellow

    Triple D Is Huge

    A password reset, eh? Can I get one too, pls?
  22. The scene looks quiet. I've been away a loooong time. I lost my pw, all my accounts still point to a now-defunct email address, and so I've been out of the scene.

    Now my home box is a mini-itx board mounted in a red plastic toolbox. It runs Slackware 10.0. I have successfully run Legacy and Freedoom, and I've compiled yadex and bsp. I'm gearing up for some dooming again.

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    2. captmellow


      Bloodshedder: no, I don't have it. I lost my hd, and I had closed my bigfoot email account. So I am stuck. :(

      DJ_Haruko: It downloaded TONS of stuff. I have dsl at home, so it was no problem. Just remember to change the swaret.conf so that it upgrades the kernel as well. If you don't update the kernel, you'll get all sorts of 'missing modules' messages.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Hey cap! You probably don't remember me (in fact, you're probably before my time. Hey, doesn't that make you feel old?) but welcome back :)

    4. Sharessa


      Hey, I remember you.

  23. captmellow

    Super Fun Happy Virus!

    Outlook Express = Outbreak Express
  24. captmellow

    New Vavoom

    I agree, though I haven't tried the compiler. I think that people stay away due to the difficulty running it. I cannot run the "feature-adding" releases, until they are followed up w/ the "bug-fixing" releases. I a hoping this latest version of the latter will work on my machine. BTW, Aard, it seems the new cube netcode is choppier for me, though I haven't found anyone else on the servers to test it w/ so far, & the recent dearth of cube forums makes it even harder to network w/ cuber's. :-(
  25. captmellow

    3dfx or nvidia

    I think 1-2 years ago, voodoo2 was a great bargain. Most games were for glide, & voodoo2 was already pretty cheap. UT looks great on mine. But the current trend is that glide is on its way out, so for bleeding-edge computers/games, it sounds like geforce is the way to go. If you have an older computer for older games, voodoo2 is a good choice.