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  1. Rancid Sam

    Oficial nickname list for Doom monsters

    I have never heard anyone use this for any of the Doom monsters in an unironic capacity. As far as "official" nicknames: Mancubi = Fatsos Former Humans = Zombiemen Former Sergeants = Shotgunners Heavy Weapons Dudes = Chaingunners Spider Mastermind = Spiderboss Arch-Vile = Alien, Martian, Gary* *I don't remember where I heard this one, but I swear I've heard it multiple times
  2. Rancid Sam

    Levels you originally hated but grew to love?

    Diet 32-in-24 MAP16, "The Million Dollar Pyramid". It was my introduction to slaughter, and it can still feel real dicey if you don't nail the timings on the doors opening after grabbing each key. But after gitting gud(der), I think it's one of my favorite maps from the WAD.
  3. Rancid Sam

    Describe Sunlust in 1 word (closed: less than zero content)

  4. Rancid Sam

    What are you listening to?

    My go-to mapping music.
  5. Rancid Sam

    What is your favorite underrated Doom YTer?

    Easily my favorite YouTuber for Doom map/WAD playthroughs. The way he says "Caco?" makes me smile errytime.
  6. Rancid Sam

    The Babysitter update

  7. Rancid Sam

    How much spiciness can you handle?

    Before I developed ulcers (from booze, not spicy food), I could handle a lot of spice. But ever since, my capsaicin tolerance has diminished greatly. This hurts worse than any hot sauce ever did...
  8. Rancid Sam

    What are you?

    I'm an angel being punished with human form. I hate pooping so God damn much.
  9. Rancid Sam

    DBP61: Tempest Enterprise

    Green and purple? Thanks for the daily dose, Doc.
  10. Rancid Sam

    Your Favorite City Maps

    DBP 50: Emerald City maps 03 ("Concrete Jungle"), 04 ("UrbEx"), and 08 ("City of Fallen Angels").
  11. Rancid Sam

    Mappers: What is your favorite monster?

    Cyberdemon. It's the combination of raw power and rugged sex appeal. Simple as. Zombieman is a close second tho.
  12. Rancid Sam


    I slice through the veil of taboo with a blade of necro-posting to deliver this message: Ur links r broke lol Anyway, here's Wonderwall: