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  1. Rancid Sam

    [RC2] ACTINIA - A -cl9 Plutonia minisode

    I, as an outside observer, am seeing nothing but unsubstantiated claims and rude language from you. I don't know anything about whatever Twitch streams or Discord servers you may think are common knowledge, but it sounds like you took the name from an album you liked, and maybe somebody else did? Whatever dude, call yours Stankonia too and let the best WAD win.
  2. Yeah, if it's a matter of width, "Stay, Aniki!!" instead of "Stay With Us", for sure.
  3. I'll pickup a slot, too, if someone drops-out or the deadline passes with vacancies.
  4. Thanks for having me on the show, Mac. It's an honor, truly.
  5. In your defense, I still laugh thinking about the "adoption papers" part. Also I'm gonna' defend "Untitled1", because if it represents your feelings and intentions with your map, then I say it's perfectly a-pro-pro. For example, see "Song 2" by Blur—literally the ONLY song by Blur I can name. (Update: I looked up the album, and that's the only song even named that way lmaooo THEY DIDN'T EVEN MAKE A "SONG 1".) (Update II: I was wrong about "Song 1".)
  6. With the tightness of some of the maps, and the wildly different styles, it feels like Doomguy is going through a claustrophobic fever dream. Something light-hearted like that would probably suffice as a loose narrative.
  7. Rancid Sam

    What country are you from?

    Oh shit, a fellow Hoosier. You got any sugar cream pie, I haven't been by an Amish store in a hot minute.
  8. Bruh fukken same. (Ty for the comments too, it's good to see a solid wall of feedback—fr fr no cap.)
  9. Holy fucking shit if they sold Brave Fencer Musashi out from under me when I've been trying to buy it from them for YEARS I am going to be PISSED. I offered them like 3 bucks, that's more than that series has been worth for over a decade.
  10. Thank you for considering my feedback! (I hope I wasn't too pushy or naggy about it; if so, I apologize.) Exit door worked this time. However, I did notice that these Imps are trapped/disabled: I'm assuming they're overlapping the edge of that block. I would suggest widening it a bit, or moving them closer to the wall (but not overlapping it either ofc.) Also, this time, the Cacos killed me once. ;] GGWP
  11. I have to immediately request that you remove the "MIDSPACE" texture from this doorway Because my stupid ass was dildo'ing around for way too long trying to figure-out how to get in there. Also, on the other end, I couldn't get into the Exit Room to hit the Exit Switch; it was too small, and I could only open/close the exit door repeatedly (but I could still use the secret exit. Also the normal exit switch texture is misaligned.) All of this was on Crispy Doom 5.11.1. Other than that, I thought it was short and sweet. Nothing much of note, but cute theme; I always love outdoors-y maps, and you gave plenty of room to maneuver in the main arena (which is good because of Cacos' movement blocking.) Your download link returns to this thread lmao, you may have forgotten to paste the URL.
  12. For being named "With All Disrespect", this may have been the most respectful micro-slaughter map I've played. Had a lot of fun; not over-tuned or anything, and has an interesting "cheese trap" before the 3rd wave (I tried staying on the platform from the 2nd wave after triggering the 3rd, and failed miserably lmao.) I played the v3, so I'm guessing your balance changes helped, as I tend to have trouble with slaughter maps in general. However, I'd say between yours and @Arsinikk's, the maps' respective difficulties are well-balanced against each other (especially given their ordering.) I had a ton of fun with this one. It got a little frustrating with the ammo scarcity, but I had to Mike Tyson a Baron for the first time (and probably last at low complevels JFC I hate the blockmap so GD much sometimes) so that was tight. Highlight for me, as usual, was ambushing an Archvile and Plasma Funning him into paste. Excellent track selection too—luvs me Chrono Cross, simple as. Also enjoyed the more exploratory feeling of your map; I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was pleasantly surprised! IMO, these are both excellent additions to the community project! Thank you both so much for your contributions!
  13. Rancid Sam

    [1.4] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Holy shit I'm crying laughing
  14. Rancid Sam

    Escape from the Yawning Ravine (Single Doom II Map)

    Sorry, as Keyhosrau said, there's a "shoot the switch" section that would be trivialized by mouselook. However, if it's more fun for you, I would encourage that you manually enable Mouse Look in your port of choice's settings (if possible), as this may help with combat in some of the more vertical areas as well. Thank you.