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  1. SOF2Fragger

    How to make a model rotate

    I reloaded each time, and it kept flipping. And no. I've never worked with md3. The models I use, I create using sectors and importing to obj.
  2. SOF2Fragger

    How to make a model rotate

    I have a model (obj) that's a ceiling fan. I want it to rotate, so I added +ROTATE to the zscript file, but instead, it flips like a pancake. What did I do wrong?
  3. SOF2Fragger

    How to make a model rotate

    I scrapped the model, created a new one, and that one works . Thanks
  4. SOF2Fragger

    How to make a model rotate

    That's exactly what I have, and it's still flipping Tried 1 0 0, 0 0 1 and 0 1 0. Flipping
  5. SOF2Fragger

    First map - Aztech - WIP

    This is a large, open map with lots of custom stuff in it.
  6. SOF2Fragger

    How do I make a looping conveyor belt?

    Use a portal
  7. SOF2Fragger

    For speed, model or sectors?

    What's better for speed: 1 model Or 3 sectors ? They look exactly the same (light fixture).
  8. https://fragger-doom-stuff.blogspot.com/2022/04/creating-monitor-model-for-gzdoom-ports.html
  9. SOF2Fragger

    17 Effect Spawners - Collection + Info

    Some of those wads have a mapinfo that changes your map's name and stops the music. Like the cinder spawner.