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  1. OneHundred

    TOWER / The UAC Building (w/ screenshots)

    OK, like what flaws and aesthetic things specifically? I will work on getting more detail in there, though, thanks for the advice.
  2. So far, all my efforts at describing levels have been pretty coolly received, so how about I let you just see for yourself: and the level is at http://culturecamp.sphosting.com/100/tower.zip The shots were taken in Legacy but it's meant to run in Doom 2, as it takes advantage of some of that engine's limitations (no jumping, no looking up and down, and the unrealistic way light is handled). Also there's a little bug in either Doom 2 or the nodes builder I was using that creates an interesting effect in the final room (you'll know it when you see it; try shooting at it, but not if you're hurt already) and I can't guarantee how any source port will handle that. Legacy just seems to ignore it.
  3. OneHundred

    New levels

    i've got maps 01-05 (of a planned 8) for this WAD more or less finished. i'd like to hear your input regarding what i've got so far. please don't repeat anything that's already in the text file, unless you've got suggestions regarding how to fix it. thanks. also, how do you upload to the archives? i don't have any experience using FTP or anything like that, evidently so little that i can't construct its active verb form, so if you want to help with that be pretty thorough in your description. thanks. http://culturecamp.sphosting.com/purgatorio.zip
  4. OneHundred

    question about sky textures

    thanks for the information. i should have mentioned that it's actually doom95 i'm running, but i just changed doom2 in the filename and contents to doom95 and it worked fine-- except that when i open it in photoshop, it's in grayscale. any suggestions?
  5. OneHundred

    question about sky textures

    i'm aware that this is probably a real newbie question, but how do you use sky textures other than the normal F_SKY1? i notice that they show up on the list of textures for walls, rather than the one for ceilings and floors, and i can't figure out where they are at all, even looking at the maps that use them in doom builder. keep in mind, answering this, that i don't really know how to do anything beyond what doom builder allows on doom 2 maps, so if it's something more complicated or involves programming then you're going to need to be pretty specific. and, if anyone knows why screen shots taken during the game appear with dramatically wrong colors when they're cut-and-pasted into paint (or anything else), that would help, too. thanks.
  6. OneHundred


    OK, thanks. seawall's meant to be that dark, and in fact adding outdoor lights makes objects seem to appear in the sky (that is, the wall textures; i'm not using an actual F_SKY in that one, as it doesn't scale with the brightness of the area). it's hard to navigate at first, being as you can't see very far in front of your face while you're outdoors... i don't know, that'd be easy to change to a daytime stage, but i think it would lose something both in terms of atmosphere and gameplay (inasmuch as the cliff face is actually laid out pretty simply). i'd like to hear people's thoughts on that as well. if the textures look cut up, that's a function of the presence of the cells in them (there's one y-offset value for both the upper and lower faces) and, as far as i know, unavoidable, though i'd like to hear if that's not the case. i thought i double-checked all the steps, so i'd like to know where the ones you saw were. i'll look into the problems with town, though, i wasn't aware of either of those. thanks again.
  7. OneHundred


    great first impression that made, i'm sure. http://culturecamp.sphosting.com/seawall.zip
  8. OneHundred


    i'm new at this and looking for some feedback. they're doom II levels, and my editor won't let me save them as a single WAD, or it will and i haven't figured out how. whichever. here's what i've got so far: http://culturecamp.sphosting.com/seawall.wad http://culturecamp.sphosting.com/town.wad http://culturecamp.sphosting.com/crush.wad thanks for your input. i'm not sure how much of what i've done here has been done before. played in that sequence they're the first three of a projected eight maps.