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  1. Hey, what's up ???

    Long Week-end yes (almost !) What a good welcome guys ! That's because I'm a girl ? (To answer BigGansta, I'm 22)
  2. Hey, what's up ???

    Hi to everybody ! I was a few days on holydays (great !) So, stop crying, I'm back to post some newbie questions ! Is this war up there between members ? (that's not a joke with what's happening in the world right now. I'm talking about this forum). First, thanx for the answers about the E4M1 "impossible" map ! I've seen the demos and can't believe it. (I didn't know that you could take the red key through the fence !) I've tried to catch it this way, but it never worked (damn !) And I still havn't cleared this map with 100% kill (I give up ! Till the next try ;)) Hello to the new "French camarade" mr8 ! C'est cool, un français ici ! Salut à toi ! Hey, I'm the only girl up there ??? THAT IS NOT COOL !!!
  3. a little precision please...

    E4M7, it's possible to get 100% only if you have the jumping option. I realize that the first time I play with Zdoom. Just jump into the little cavity where the Invulnerability is (or a Soulsphere, I don't remember...) in the Cyberdemon's room. You get 2 secrets at a time and then get 100% On Doom 2 Map 27 "Monster Condo" The first thing to do is to collect the first secret behind the far door in front of you at the beginning (just behind the door and to the left) You have about 30 seconds to collect it before it closes. In the same way, you grab the Super Shotgun to make some better cleaning up =D
  4. a lack of perfect movements in E4M1 :(

    It's unbelievable... I saw many of demos and many of them are UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE. I'm not pretty good with fist without berserk... All I can do is to shot 2 guys or more with one shell at the beginning (waiting for a good aligment)... Then I try to make monsters killing each other every time I could... I get really hurt sometimes in the process and loose when the Barons arrive. There's not enough place to move in this map.
  5. a little precision please...

    Some secrets are available only in "IDCLIP" mode. Example Doom 2 map 15 "Industrial Zone" The warp behind the wall on stairs... Another example in "Bunker" (Plutonia I think) Another warp (the room with pillars)... You must walk on them without being warped to get those secrets. I was wondering a lot about that and found the solution with the IDCLIP mode... Is it considered as a bug ? (like "Sever The Wicked" with its 90% available) ?
  6. Not quite interesting topic but...

    Mmmmhhh, Doom was avalaible here before. Today, it's impossible to get it in original form... (Except on PSX and illegal copies) Too old here ! It's amazing that in USA, you can still get it ! I'm afraid because The Master Levels was considered as a Collector Edition in France (very limited edition)... It was released in 1995 and available for only 2 weeks with a very high price (about 60$) I hope it will be released in France soon. If not, I will ask for someone here to buy it for me and send me the package ! Yes !I'm ready for that to own this release ! I'll pay for that of course !
  7. It makes me sad ! Collector's Doom is not distributed in France ! And I can't buy it on the net 'cause I don't own a international credit card... In fact, I already own all the Doom but I want it just for the Box and package. (it's quite stupid I know but I love Doom...)
  8. a little precision please...

    Those questions are so stupid ? Just one reply ? Don't let me in the doubt !!!
  9. Help needed: Lost in Unholy Cathedral

    I know you're right, I just kidding as you know.
  10. a lack of perfect movements in E4M1 :(

    No, there's no berserk pack on there... Just the shotgun, chaingun and the rocket launcher... But not enough ammo. I've tried to punch Barons at the end but it's pretty strange... I loose everytime =D !!!
  11. a lack of perfect movements in E4M1 :(

    ***YES I'VE DONE IT !!!*** I JUST USE IDDQD AND GOT IT !!! I know, I know, this isn't funny... (It really sucks with that but I can't have 100% kill without)
  12. Help needed: Lost in Unholy Cathedral

    You've killed the suspens ! ;)
  13. Help needed: Lost in Unholy Cathedral

    Try the big center room =P Some walls are not what they seemed to be... *Very good level anyway* Becoming nuts with Doom is very cummon, see me with E4M1...
  14. a lack of perfect movements in E4M1 :(

    Is my question too challenging ? Even for the Doom's killer pros around here ??? So, I still think that getting 100% kill on this level is impossible... (give me just a berserk pack !!!) The best I can do is to kill everyone, EXCEPT 3 Barons... (I've tried with the fist but there's not enough place to move and avoid their green blasts... #@ù**.)]'{# !!! -censored-)
  15. You see the "Hell Beneath" Level ? The E4M1 to be as precise I could. How many of you have cleaned up this one without cheating ? (Tell me the awful truth !!!) I mean 100% everywhere in skill 4. In fact, I can't do it because of the lack of ammos... (and power up pharmacy too !) I've tried to make monsters fighting each others but I still have not enough rockets and shells... :( The NIN room is insanely tricky. How can I kill the 4 barons of this room ? I know I shall get out of it before being caged and slaughtered then what ? Still not enough ammos. I've seen a demo but recorded in the "no monsters" mode... (ha ha ha, the big joke !) If anyone of you have a Zdoom 1.22 demo recorded on skill 4 or can record one for me, I'll appreciate a lot. I'm really curious to see the "trick". Be nice and send it to nauls@caramail.com Thanx