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  1. nathannathan

    [Marines of UAC: Exigency] Teaser

    YES! this looks awesome, i have been waiting for this for aaaaages! But i cry because of the doom 2.5 guns, which are wildly overused, i hope you can make me like them agian :D
  2. nathannathan

    Action Doom 2 (Not Really) In Production - Sneak Peek

    call me a noob but where are these guns you speak of. I can't find any recources on action doom 2 at all. Help someone!
  3. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    yes i have played The Arms Of Oblivion (very addictive and fun, but the pistol-grenade launcher thing takes way to long to reload) and whats this new alpha you speak of?
  4. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    haha nah you've made a good bunch of mods. Making any now ? if so put lots of bullet weapons in it, or how bout a mafia mod or a western.
  5. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    hahah yeah my computer isin't very good. Thanks agian. And does anyone know how to change usernames cause nathannathan isint very cool
  6. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    LOBO THANK YOU !! that worked deleting that first line. Thanks so much i've really wanted to play this for awhile. Its no immoral conduct but its still damn awsome. I hope there are much more weapon mods for edge in the future with heaps of weapons and reloading for all of them. Thanks agian !
  7. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    here is my EDGE LOG: [Log file created at 09:33 PM on 15/Aug/2005] EDGE v1.29 RC#1 compiled on Mar 14 2005 at 22:08:15 EDGE homepage is at http://edge.sourceforge.net/ EDGE is based on DOOM by id Software http://www.idsoftware.com/ from .\EDGE.CFG StartupKeyboard: DirectInput KeyboardInit OK StartupMouse: DirectInput MouseInit OK I_StartupSound: initialized OpenAL. OpenAL: Version: OpenAL 1.0 OpenAL: Device: (DirectSound) OpenAL: Vendor: Creative Labs Inc. OpenAL: Renderer: Software I_StartupMusic: CD Music Init OK I_StartupMusic: MUS Music Init OK I_StartupMusic: OGG Music Init OK I_StartupGraphics: Win32 OpenGL Init OK I_SetScreenSize: Win32 OpenGL Screen Size OK OpenGL: Initialising... OpenGL: Version: 1.5.3 OpenGL: Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL: Renderer: GeForce4 MX 4000/PCI/SSE/3DNOW! OpenGL: Multitexture extension found. OpenGL: Paletted texture extension found. OpenGL: Lights: 8 Clips: 6 Tex: 2048 Units: 2 Adding .\doom2.wad Adding .\doom2.gwa Adding .\EDGE.wad Adding .\ct-tun2.wad Loaded global palette. HU_Init: Setting up heads up display. R_InitFlats... W_InitTextures... EDGE.WAD version 3.5.1 found. ERROR: DDF: File must start with a tag! Error occurred near line 1 of DDFLANG
  8. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    yes it is the one by chronoteeth and it says to use edge rc1 which is what i'm using and i tried rc2 also. thanks so far
  9. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    yes there is an error but only if i drag it onto gledge32.exe, if i use run. all that happpens i hear the "windows error ding" then it just goes to desktop. the error is " DDF: File must start with a tag! error occurred near line 1 of DDFLANG any idea's ?
  10. nathannathan

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    can some one please tell me how get ct-tuncd to work what do i write this is what i put in: "D:\EDGE 1.29\gledge32.exe" -file ct-tun2.wad what is wrong with this !?!?! someone help me please