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  1. Mad Scientist

    Deimos LabsII:Invasion

    Cross beam: ever ridden a bike? that little bar in the middle of the handlebars going from the left to the right side is an example of a crossbeam, they are pretty much just for extra support on objects.
  2. Mad Scientist

    Can't firgure out skinning

    Now it says the same error message but the numbers are 1428 instead of the other number.
  3. Mad Scientist

    Can't firgure out skinning

    I can't figure out skinning, I'm using XWE for viewing wads, and use the windows paint to edit, but I'm just trying to make the arch vile a skin for Doom 2, it's setup and everything but when I start Doom Legacy it says bad frame blah blah blah, can someone help please? Ok, wait, I got the texture ready and all (it's not the arch vile anymore, just a normal soldier with a sergeants head, and when I start it it says: R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump 1498. so what do I do? I'm trying to make the mod work through Doom Legacy for Doom 2 if that helps at all.
  4. Mad Scientist

    Can't firgure out skinning

    umm, where are those? Or do I make them myself?
  5. Mad Scientist

    Can't firgure out skinning

    please help