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  1. besus

    Post clips of yourself BFG tracer stacking

    dogshit5 max (yt broke the video at the end thanks) not sure where else did inferno publish this but i found it in brendondles discord server, very fun map
  2. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    4Kvo MAP10 UV Speed in 2:24.06 4kvo10-224.zip
  3. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    4Kvo MAP10 UV Speed in 2:33.31 edit: disregard this one, the demo was alright but i accidentally ran -fastdemo -export_text_file with 0.23.0 while it was done in 0.25.6 and forgot to edit the exe in the txt here is the zip with the correct txt (it doesnt really matter bc im uploading a faster run anyway but just in case plus index) 4Kvo MAP10 UV Speed in 2:33.31 4kvo10-233.zip
  4. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    oops nevermind that (idk theres a no hoarding rule so) Ancient Aliens MAP13 UV Speed in 1:03.74 aa13-10374.zip update: invalid demo since 0.23 port bug that got me an sr50 + turn quickstart
  5. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    god i fucking hate this map so much. really made me wanna test if i had better chances surviving russian roulette. Ancient Aliens MAP13 UV Speed in 1:04.49 aa13-10449.zip
  6. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    NoYe MAP01 in 0.03 ny01-003.zip edit: whoops didnt see freez made the same joke now im unoriginal
  7. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    four kvothe map 10 in two:41 4kvo10-241.zip
  8. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    4Kvo MAP10 UV Speed in 3:03 4k10-303.zip
  9. besus

    Bingo Competition 2023

    @Kinetic nahh bro is on delusium rn capping fr
  10. Awesome map, thoroughly enjoyed it 10/10. Really felt the gaslighting energy. One of the few maps that I think is better experienced blind.
  11. double posting xpp sorry i just love this map too much MAP90 UV Speed in 23.26 d5da390-2326.zip Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTwInE207R0
  12. MAP90 UV Speed in 24.91 d5da390-2491.zip i love wobbles and glides Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKvMkurMa00
  13. besus

    1x1 demos [-complevel 21]

    MAP04 UV Max in 1:19.37 1x104m119.zip Video: https://youtu.be/7Wahp9QDluA
  14. I very much enjoyed this set. Very nice visuals and combat puzzles that has a certain speedmap feel to it accompanied by very fitting midis, great job! Played on HMP on DSDA-Doom. I liked most of the combat but really not a fan of the cryptic progression Map05 on HMP, I think the ceiling on the east out of bounds closet was too low so the hell knight couldn't move and I couldn't hmp max it. Also I escaped the pit with the moving floors by getting onto the middle pillar then jumped out, didn't feel that was too consistent idk if theres another way to escape it or that's intended.
  15. wow the donut thing looks really cool ngl