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  1. StarzoZero

    Atomic Attack

    truly a masterpiece an absolute must-play for any doom fan
  2. StarzoZero

    Improved MAP01

    An effort I made to improve DOOM 2's MAP01. Things added/changed: 1. Added a small staircase to the start of the map in case you fall off 2. A health bonus next to the second pillar in the starting room (for symmetry) 3. Some textures in the secret armor room 4. Removed the imp's ability to open the secret room in the 2nd to last room 5. Made the imps in the secret shotgun area no longer alerted before you enter the area 6. Changed the wall texture for the caged imp to make it easier to see him 7. Made the said imp's cage smaller and made the wall texture textured on both sides 8. Added a bonus shotgun shell pickup in the secret armor room 9. Removed one of three medikits in the end room 10. Added a bonus box of rockets next to the secret rocket launcher (was originally multiplayer exclusive) 11. Made the zombies and imps in the hallway no longer immediately alerted when you kill the first 2 zombies ... and a few more small changes here and there. Download it here: [removed]
  3. StarzoZero

    Blursed Boss Battle v2

  4. StarzoZero

    Blursed Boss Battle v2

    An updated version of my Blursed Boss Battle WAD. The arena now has multiple enemies and much more decoration as well as a proper skybox. I've also added in a secret BFG9000 to assist in killing the boss with almost 9,000 HP. Must be ran through DOOM 2 on GZDoom. Note that the John Romero heads cannot be killed and are there for decoration only. Credit to WhoDaMan for making the Arachnobaron and Captain Toenail for making the Coachgun. Download: MAP01.rar
  5. StarzoZero

    Blursed Boss Battle

    Thanks for playing and I will definitely add more to this map to fill up the empty space. Still a pretty novice map maker at the moment so I appreciate the advice.
  6. StarzoZero

    Blursed Boss Battle

    First WAD I made with actual effort. It's a singular level where you fight a blursed boss. Not providing screenshots for the element of surprise. Credit to WhoDaMan for making the actual enemy itself and Captain Toenail for making the Coachgun. Must be played through Doom 2 on GZDoom. MAP01.rar
  7. StarzoZero

    Struggles with item mode.

    Edit: I've found out that I can delete items I placed in visual mode but I would really like being able to do that on the grid mode if that is possible.
  8. StarzoZero

    Struggles with item mode.

    I use Ultimate Doom Builder
  9. StarzoZero

    Struggles with item mode.

    I am learning how to make doom wads and I'm already struggling with the item mode. I can't select any items and right clicking makes me create new items. Also whenever I change to a different mode all but one item disappears from the editor. They dont get deleted, testing the map shows they're still there but I can no longer see them in any mode aside from item mode.