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The Green Marine

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  1. The Green Marine

    Intellivision doom!

    it is e1m1
  2. The Green Marine


    Could someone tell me how to load a custom wadfile using the Doom64 TC?
  3. The Green Marine

    How long have you been playing Doom?

    One decade.
  4. The Green Marine

    My final flash movie

    POV shot through goggles was golden and perfect and kewl.
  5. The Green Marine


    Placed TEST.wad into auto folder, started absolution, games main menu starts (new game, load game, etc.), nothing is different. start new game starts D64's first map.
  6. The Green Marine

    Terminator wad

    Anyone tell me how to beat Terminator wad? I cant kill the marine with the bfg.
  7. The Green Marine

    Doom and Quake Relations?

    That's what I figured. No, there are all these videos goin around using the warcraft online engine that are viewable in mediaplayer. Was hoping that something similar worked here.
  8. The Green Marine


    right, same with the music file. After I put it in there, should it be that map when the absolution executable is initiated or do I do something else
  9. The Green Marine


    yeah I tried that, but it doesn't recognise the command. I'm getting a little frustrated. Thanks for the reply though. Any other ideas?
  10. The Green Marine

    Doom and Quake Relations?

  11. The Green Marine

    Doom and Quake Relations?

    What do you have to have to view it
  12. The Green Marine

    Terminator wad

    Not the problem because he is easily evadable by retreating to the previous room. The problem is that all my shots go straight through him (ghost). Is it like that for everyone else?
  13. The Green Marine

    Company tries to sell PocketPC game with stolen material

    noticed same thing.
  14. The Green Marine

    Pain elemental (and other stuff)

    You guys gotta be kidding. The Elemental is the kewlest ;)
  15. The Green Marine

    The actual 'Thrash Metal' thread

    Mid career Iced Earth (Dark Saga, Something Wicked).
  16. The Green Marine

    What other games do you play besides Doom?

    I've never played the full version. I wonder if anyone EVER owned it?
  17. The Green Marine

    Doom Board Game (possibly Virtual)

    Missed it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. *Walks across room to scribble new name on "people to kill" list*
  18. The Green Marine

    Siriusly good music

    Black metal? My problem is that I listen to more local and elusive music than anything else. I doubt (but do not know for sure) that Serius would have most of what I listen to. Maybe though...
  19. The Green Marine

    New Doom Web Site (plus artwork)

    Cobra woman excites my python
  20. The Green Marine

    Siriusly good music

    I've thought about it. I'm poor though, so I just listen to my cd's and dream... :P
  21. The Green Marine

    A couple of fan art pages

    Yeah. The mastermind is cool, but the Cyberdemon owns.
  22. The Green Marine

    Doom in Duke Nukem

    Cool. Throw in some weapons and playerstarts and you have a nostalgic Doom/Duke3d level. Now you just need to make a Doom level with a duke3d logo and send it to newstuff for slaughtering.
  23. The Green Marine

    idgames Archive Banners

    Funnier, yes. However, it looks kinda shitty.
  24. The Green Marine

    What other games do you play besides Doom?

    Yeah, I was always him or the elephant. Good times. :3)