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  1. Ravendesk

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 68 UV-Speed in 0:11.69 - jf268spd01169.zip
  2. Ravendesk

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 05 UV-Pacifist in 0:05.86 - jf205p00586.zip
  3. Ravendesk

    Sepia Demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 11 UV-Max in 2:38.23 - sepia11m23823.zip Map 32 UV-Max in 1:41.00 - sepia32m14100.zip Map 27 UV-Pacifist in 0:29.34 - sepia27p02934.zip
  4. Ravendesk

    Sepia Demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 08 UV-Max in 2:11.00 - sepia08m21100.zip Map 09 UV-Max in 2:17.16 - sepia09m21766.zip Map 10 UV-Pacifist in 1:17.09 - sepia10p11709.zip Also rerun map 07 because didn't like how sloppy previous run was. Map 07 UV-Max in 3:37.23 - sepia07m33723.zip
  5. Ravendesk

    Looking for Halloween/Fall Themed Mods

    All wads in Wormwood series by Ribbiks, Grain of Salt and (later) Danne are excellent: Orange is True Love, original Wormwood and three sequels (EU, ]|[ and IV).
  6. Ravendesk

    Afternoon demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 07 UV-MAX in 1:15 - aft07m11583.zip
  7. Ravendesk

    Saturnia RC3 (-complevel 4)

    Fun set, really enjoyed it (even chainsaw focused maps xdd - I appreciate that you changed its sound though, it's so much less annoying now). Lots of creative ideas and cl4 teleports usages, and I just really like tiny maps with tiny combat puzzles like that. 01, 03, 05 and 08 are probably my favs in the set. Here are fdas with saves (dsda-doom 0.26.2), first two maps are recorded on -skill 4, the rest on -skill 3. I started with -skill 4 because I assumed it was intended blind since you reversed the difficulty settings, but switched to skill 3 after first two maps because I felt like it was too easy. Finished all maps except for 31. saturnia-fdas-raven.zip The one thing that was a bit of an issue for me were confusing switches. There are tons of switches in each map and I still have no idea what half of them did. Especially in maps 02 and 09 (had to use UDB for the latter). Map 09 finale was cool, but I only realised after several retries that When I figured that out, fight became significantly easier.
  8. Ravendesk

    What is a mega wad

    It is one thousand kilowads.
  9. Ravendesk

    Challenging but Fair Slaughter Maps

    Also I just realised one of the maps we got in most recent random /idgames races, fits the description extremely well: A Very punch you in the face man Christmas 2.
  10. Ravendesk

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    To me personally the most important releases of the past few years were Fractured Worlds and Jumpwad. First one feels like one of the highest-profile releases for challenge scene and the second one is a revolution in platforming genre. Both are not megawads, but more focused experiences, having 9 and 7 maps respectively (playtime is still quite high, though). I think overall we are slowly drifting away from old-school 32 maps megawad format as the way to make AAA release, towards more varied formats (often it's something more concentrated). We'll see, though. To support my point, other examples of significant but shorter works are 10x10, Overboard and Heartland (although I haven't played the last one). All of them may not have magnum opus wad feel that you might be looking for, but I think their importance is not less than that of Eviternity.
  11. Ravendesk

    Challenging but Fair Slaughter Maps

    Also check out Vanguard. It gets pretty slaughtery while keeping the difficulty very reasonable. Previously given advices are also good except for maybe Haste that might be a bit much of a leap after go 2 it (its a very good wad though).
  12. Isn't enemy roster basically doom 1 roster now? xd
  13. Ravendesk

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Well, that's not an answer. From your subjective point of view are all maps equal or some are still more enjoyable than others? What about movies, do you think they are all equally good?
  14. Ravendesk

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    So, in your view, all doom maps are exactly equal in how good their gameplay is?