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  1. David_Ferstat

    Strife retroverted

    Odd. That is NOT the link that I posted. Anyone want to 'fess up to editing my post, and explain the reason at the same time? I quoted the original post because it was faulty in both Opera and Mozilla. After all, what dumbass posts a picture as a text file?
  2. David_Ferstat

    No Cthulhu sprites. Why?

    Same reason there've been very few attempts to film Lovecraft's stories. How do you accurately picture something that the narrator describes as "undescribably hideous"? :)
  3. David_Ferstat

    Strife retroverted

    Try posting a link that doesn't show as garbage in my browser. :)
  4. David_Ferstat

    Design and Ethical Questions

    It would be easier for us to recommend skys if we knew just what sort of sky you wanted. Day/night? Urban? Mountainous? Desert? Glaciated?
  5. David_Ferstat


    Mind you, as you can't look down past your feet at the ground, there ain't much for you to look at as you fall. So, unless you're going to use cameras, you want to keep the fall fairly brief just to avoid booring the player.
  6. David_Ferstat

    hexen leaf into zdoom

    Hah! just like those damn Hell Hands from Blood! :)
  7. David_Ferstat

    A Ladder

    From memory, Cyb's "Helm's Deep" used a Thrust_Thing to do the deed.
  8. David_Ferstat

    Looking for author of UACREV

    Last March I was beta-testing a Zdoom wad called UACREV, which was quite impressive. Unfortunately, the last six months of last year, computer-speaking, were hell, and I've lost some four years worth of e-mails, including the e-mail of the person who was building this wad. He didn't include any text file in the archive, so I have no way to contact him, and I'd really like to know how he's going. If anyone can help me here, I'd be very grateful.
  9. David_Ferstat

    Jaakko and Iikka Keränen

    And, of course, I'd NEVER mention the Carmacks at id. :)
  10. David_Ferstat

    Maximum size 4 sprites

    Paranoia is available in this ftp directory: ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r Please note that this ftp site replaces cdrom.
  11. David_Ferstat

    Where to get the another Zombie Doom...?

    I have the zombeta.zip (946KB) and update.zip (9KB). Both are UN-locked, and ready to open. If you wish to email me at: dferstat@iinet.net.au I can include them in my reply.
  12. David_Ferstat

    Where to get the another Zombie Doom...?

    Well, if you're aware of Cory Whittle's Zombie Remix, then finding the original file should be easy, as Cory provided a link to it in his readme file. Try here: ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/v-z/zombies.zip
  13. David_Ferstat

    Free stuff -- is it good or bad?

    I can think of a really good reason why Randy might prefer that we DIDN'T send him any money. If he takes money from us, I can see that Randy might start to think, consciously or otherwise, that the users own, or have some form of stake, in Zdoom. I guarantee you that some of the users would start to think like that, and that, whenever Randy did something with Zdoom that they didn't like, they'd start bitching REALLY loudly. The current arrangement mean that Randy works on Zdoom as, when and how he likes, and is beholden to no-one. Of course, I could be wrong, and Randy might be quite pleased at people thrusting money at him. But somehow I doubt it.
  14. David_Ferstat

    So from what I've gathered, ZDoom deep water cannot splash

    Thanks for dobbing me in, Enjay :) Unfortunately, I'd never actually posted a link to the splash2.zip file on my downloads page, which meant that anyone you sent the my site wouldn't be able to find it there. I've now updated my site (it was due for it, anyway) so that visitors to the site can now find the file.
  15. David_Ferstat

    Doom 2 Shareware UNOFFICIAL project and a new mod

    I thought that id still required anyone making a port of Doom to still require that users own a copy of the full Doom/DoomII. If so, it would seem to automatically make this project illegal. Anyway, who's so cheap that they can't afford to BUY a copy of DoomII these days? (And don't tell me "he's only twelve".) Given how much money many twelve-year-olds have these days, and given the price of DoomII these days (either retail or second-hand) there's no excuse for being such a cheapass.