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  1. fixed also fixed exit wall not lowering
  2. DOWNLOAD base10.wad Added waterfall (WFALL1-4) and lavafall (DBRAIN1-4) textures. Added details, monsters, and 2 secrets to MAP01.
  3. I've added some monsters and more geometry to MAP01. I've also created a MAP02 with and underground castle theme for more variety. Download version2

    Why does my dehacked monster randomly die?

    Some of the problems are due to states not looping. The spawn state 726 should have its state set to itself, but it is set to 727. 727 has a chase action assigned to it. This makes it so the demon will chase a player even before they are seen. As the attached picture shows, the state labels are also implemented incorrectly. The state labels tell what frame to go to when something happens to the demon. In WhackEd4 you can click on the sprite name (GHSTA GHSTAB etc) and press the tilde (~) key to simulate what would happen when the state is triggered. The "Pain" label is set to 742 which is in the middle of the death animation, it should be set to 734. It stays solid because the Fall action is not triggered. The reason the demon dies randomly is because its "Attack" state label is the start of the death sequence. The "Raise" label can be set to 0 if you don't want the demon raised by archviles. Walk state is also borked. If you want to see the sprites in whacked you need to set the wad with the sprites as a PWAD. This can be done under View -> Patch settings.
  5. Very imaginative map. Here is a demo recorded in dsda-Doom 0.24.3 on UV. tpsrwstg.zip The setting was immediately interesting to me thanks to the lore included in OP. Going through multiple environments in a single map is something I find really cool. The midi fit well with the theme, what is it from? I assume the uniform lighting levels was intentional, it gives the map an old-school vibe. I think I would still prefer the map to have lighting variation rather than not. It is possible for the player to get softlocked out of the key elevator if they quickly jump off after activating it. The custom sky also only works in zdoom based ports. To get it to work in other ports it needs to be; resized to 256x128, converted into a doom graphic(it's a .png currently), and named RSKY1. Very good for a first doom map, I hope you make more.

    Oily, a single map made by FAI

    I've recorded a demo for this. I spliced it right before the fight where you get a rocket launcher. It took me a couple of deaths to realize you didn't have to lower everything right away. Recorded with dsda-doom v0.24.3 blackgold.zip Your arenas have definitely improved from your last set of maps. The monsters are now capable of surrounding the player. Hitscanners and archviles complicate the fights in an enjoyable way. A way you can make the fights even more complex is height differences. The map looks good, there are a variety of themes. OTEX suits maps with a grand scale. I got a little lost after the BFG fight. The end of the hallway could use a blinking light or some texture that contrasts from the surrounding greys. The teleporter in the last fight is easy to walk into, for monsters and the player. Maybe a button could be pressed to lower it after the fight is over. I'm excited to see future maps from you.

    Wretched Flesh (5 boom-compatible levels)

    MAP01 is a city map MAP02 is some type of concrete facility that works with molten magma MAP03 is on the outskirts of the city at twilight MAP04 is a hellish office complex MAP05 is a tech-base taken over by flesh, or flesh-base

    Wretched Flesh (5 boom-compatible levels)

    Thank you for the reply. I spent a while making those switches unable to break the map. It's a whole voodoo doll contraption. Thanks for the demo, couple of close calls in there. The later maps do get more difficult. I tried to make a linear difficulty curve.

    WAD.wad, A new 8 map wad made by FAI

    I played through all the maps and I have to say I enjoyed them. Here are the first attempt demos I recorded for every map. I played with dsda-doom 0.24.3 on UV. wadreview.zip I like the custom sprites but I have a nitpick about the ammo boxes. The shell box and the ammo box are hard to differentiate, especially in the middle of combat. Thank you for the maps.
  10. Wretched Flesh is a set of 5 boom-compatible (-complevel 9) maps. The .wad includes a dehacked file that makes the combat slightly faster paced. All of the maps are mostly linear. Combat ranges from cramped brawls to wide open skirmishes. Difficulty options are implemented. Levels should take around 20-30 minutes to beat blind, although the last map takes longer. Any feedback is welcome. IWAD : Doom2 Map format : Boom Ports tested with : dsda-doom 0.24.3 and GZdoom 4.7.1 Jumping/crouching will break progression, freelook should be okay. Download : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wretchedflsh Screenshots | | v v Again, any feedback is welcome!