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  1. Russell


    we don't use the GPL license * Russell raises eyebrow in a spock like manner.
  2. Russell


    The lighting doesn't impress me. What does impress me is the texturing around the doorway on the far right of the shot. Thats pretty damn smart! Can't wait to play this :)
  3. Russell

    Sweet Mancubus

    I emailed reaper about their doom minitures this is the reply i got... Soory Russell we discontinued the Doom figures years ago. I do not have any and can not produce them anymore. ...that's the complete reply including authentic typo! oh well :(
  4. Russell

    ZDoom Update

    ..and the only reason i haven't finished and released any Zdoom specific wads is because i'm waiting for the next official standard version (1.23).
  5. Russell

    Vrack 2 Re-released

    hmmm, i wonder whether this has anything to do with the recent idea AndrewB mentioned in #doom about 'Wad of the year' and recent criticisims about Vrack2's lack of a reject table ;-)
  6. Russell

    The /newstuff Chronicles #62-1

    yeah, you're probably right. I read Ebola's post quickly and was a bit rushed to make a proper reply. It was just that the line If someone can't play my maps, that's not my problem.. struck me as a bit odd coming from someone in a community where level design is taken very seriously.
  7. Russell

    The /newstuff Chronicles #62-1

    If someone can't play my maps, that's not my problem.. I make maps for my enjoyment.. and I enjoy making big detailed maps. I'm sure it's like that with everyone that makes maps. IMO that attitude sucks. Okay, i make maps because i too enjoy it and it gives me a creative outlet. But my definition of a good map is a playable map that people enjoy and one that doesn't fustrate the player too much. Of course no-one can enjoy a map that they can't run. As a designer, I want my maps to reach the widest possible audience. Adopting the not my problem approach hinders this. If you don't care about people being able to play your maps then why bother to release them in the first place?
  8. Russell

    The /newstuff Chronicles #62-1

    Vrack 2 looked very nice, well until i opened the first door and my framerate dropped to 1 fps (seriously!). So I had to run it with -nomonsters to get a look and can't comment on its game play :( But i guess thats my fault for having such a crap/slow PC
  9. Russell

    Undeleted Scenes

    :( yes that does suck. My emails been completely crap for the past few weeks. I've had huge ammounts of both incomming and outgoing mail just disappear. I had to send some emails out 3 or 4 times before the intended recipient actually received it. I've changed servers and hopefully everythings okay now. If you want to send me your comments again i'd love to see them. It's a bit late for this level now (obviously), but any feedback is welcome and can only help me improve my designing in the long run.
  10. Russell

    Undeleted Scenes

    erm, well i don't know quiet where to start... thanks for the compliments guys, this wad was a real texturing marathon, glad it wasn't a waste of time there are a number of points i meant to mention in the text file but simply forgot and seeing as most of them have been brought up here i'll post my comments here; Lighting Yes i agree, the lighting is a bit uniform.This all stemmed from the external (void) light level. I initially tried having a setting of 192, but this made the external wood textures look too bright for the atmosphere i was trying to create, so i settled for 176. From this point the internal lighting could only go dimmer, but i didn't want to make the level too dim or people would start reaching for gamma correction (which in my opinion tends to kill any atmosphere you might try to set up with lighting). And some textures just look crap if you go too dark, so i was left with a very narrow range of light levels i was willing to use. I think most of the level is set at 160. I'm trying to experiment more with lighting atm, hopefully my next level (set in a research base) will have more varied lighting. Always room for improvement....:) Colour After finishing the architecture i took a couple of weeks break and them came back to look at the level and my initial thoughts were 'it could do with more colour'. It does look a bit bland but i feel this is counter balanced by the variation in each room. Although most of the rooms use similar textures and architecture, i made each room slightly different so that the level didn't look boring (there was very little copying and pasting). I could have added more colour, but this level was running along a theme and i didn't want to mess with it too much. Also i'd spent too much time on this map and wanted to move onto other things so i decided enough was enough. Difficulty Initial playtesting showed that what i thought was a challanging level turned out to be a 'walk in the park' for the playtesters. Difficulty was increased to level that the testers found challanging, without it being impossible for them to finish. Heh, i must point out that i'm a crap player and with it's current difficulty i can't finish this map in UV on a single run (although i can on HMP). A good reason to get playtesters i guess :) Secrets I meant to say that all the secrets are in the southern section of the complex. There are 4 main secrets, allowing access to the soul sphere, chainsaw, rocket launcher and blue armour. There are 2 secondary secrets (archnatron alcove and beserk). Therefore, there sould be six areas marked as secrets (if i remember correctly). phew! anyway, that was supposed to be in the text file, but i forgot in the rush to finish it :) there was some other stuff too, but until someone mentions something that jogs my memory i'll have to leave it at that. Besides, this post has gone on long enough.
  11. Russell


    that should have been...15-20 years ago I should also mention Naplam Death and Dumpy's Rusty Nuts ;-)
  12. Russell


    Slipknots music doesn't sound that different from the sort of stuff bands like Venom were pumping out 15-20 years. Only difference is, it wasn't trendy back then. Those were the days....... :)
  13. Russell


    People and aliens are more complex than computers, so how much more are they intelligent designs. And all intelligent designs have intelligent designers. Therefore God must exist. This has to be one of the most stupid pieces of reasoning I have heard recently, and is almost as comical as the 'everything is a goat/nothing is a goat' line. For once I find myself in total agreement with Wavelength :-O
  14. Russell

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    I have to admit that this wad made me smile. I think most ppl are missing the point that this wad is meant to be a joke (i hope). * Russell waits for the men in the white coats to arrive at his door.
  15. Russell


    I'll have a cup of coffee please