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  1. Nemephosis

    What's your favorite DOOM 64 level?

    Me. Hell, I loved Doom64. The suddenly-appearing monsters was done so well in the game, it was a thing of beauty. One of my favourites for sure. AND THE PISTOL DIDN'T SUCK!
  2. So I have about half a dozen megawads, blown through most of them now. I tried Phocas but JDoom crashes on it and so I tried ZDoom. I can't even start ZDoom without an error. so: 1. What can I use to play Phocas? 2. WHat are some of the best (and worst) megawads for Doom 2 out there? thanks.
  3. Nemephosis

    Cydreams: level 30. Stuck.....

    Yeah I ended up switching for that map. I likely was seeing what you saw. No wonder I didn't have any idea, eh? :) I love the voodoo doll stuff in Level 31 and 32. At first I didn't know what it was so I laid into it with my rocket launcher, then I died.... I was really confused. lol nice effect on that.
  4. Nemephosis

    Cydreams: level 30. Stuck.....

    I never even see the stairs. Then again I shouldn't be running it in JDoom and I am. I'll try that out, thanks.
  5. Nemephosis

    Cydreams: level 30. Stuck.....

    Okay, I've determined that even cheating this is next to impossible. :p So you start in the middle of this platform in space with a huge ring of Cyberdemons around you off in the distance. There's one little sign here that says "DESTRUCTION" and what I think is a large pillar, it doesn't render right in JDoom (so what, I couldn't get the cydreams exe to run. Only render error I've found..... minor HOMs, nothing to worry about.) So, aside from typing IDFA a hundred times and BFGing these guys to death, what the heck do I do here? I'm completely lost. Thanks. edit: You'd think after all this, Hectic in Doom64TC would be a friggin cakewalk.....
  6. Nemephosis

    zDoom vs. jDoom?

    That's because it does look better. Nothing wrong playing the low-colour pixelated doom if you're nostalgic though, I support that too. Yes it does look better. No, it's not for everyone.
  7. Nemephosis

    Yeah, I need help again...

    Worked fine for me and I'm on Windows 2000. I use an FX5200 with 56.something forceware drivers. Works just great. It might be the vid card, I think a Voodoo 3 is insanely old these days and Win2K might not be liking it too much. Damn if I know fior sure, I don't use a Voodoo, but you did say this didn't happen until Windows 2000, and I know for a fact it works fine on my comp with W2K.
  8. Nemephosis

    zDoom vs. jDoom?

    hmm. I could swear I've played ZDoom wads on JDoom already. I'm not 100% sure though. I've played Cyberdreams and Scythe on JDoom already, and Cyberdreams even said "use this launcher instead" and I didn't. Worked fine for me. :shrug: I dunno. Jdoom works fine and I do like the better graphics. I was just sort of wondering why everyone liked ZDoom so much.
  9. Nemephosis

    zDoom vs. jDoom?

    OKay I can see ZDoom is good if you plan on making maps etc. but how about if you're just a player of the game? What does ZDoom have over JDoom if I plan on playing and not making stuff?
  10. Nemephosis

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    Anyone got a link to scythe.wad? Google doesn't know all, after all.
  11. Nemephosis

    Doom 64 easy map

    That IS what he just said, right? O_o "This is because of a special line type used in the game which says the line in question can never be viewed by the automap or the IDDT/IDBEHOLDA cheats. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there." edit: You do realize you just said something as dumb as I did in the other thread, right? But I'm not going to come down on you for it.
  12. Nemephosis

    Doom 64 easy map

    Okay well I think I have a plan here. For the Arachnotrons, the plan is to charge a BFG shot and then grab the key so that just as I get into the room, the gun fires killing at least one of them. I'll run to the door I see on the other side with the rocket launcher, killing the second, then stand in the door so the ceiling doesn't get me. I'll get the chaingun out and mow down the third. As an aside, that chaingun has the most insane lockdown ever. It hits fast and disrupts enemies easily. They could be in the middle of a fire animation and then stop because they're getting hit. Cyberdemons can still get one rocket off but they still usually start walking around after that. Rare is the occasion it fires three rockets while being chaingunned to death. Having only used one (hopefully) BFG shot, I should have 5 left. When I get the blue key, I'll charge a BFG shot before I get it, the hell knights show up and one should go down. Now I have to run across the pedestals to the other side of the room and get on that tiny little ledge where the door is, and fire again, then just run back and forth doing this until they die. I still haven't worked out the pattern for that damn floor in the yellow key room and I'm not sure what triggers those arrows, but that'll be a pain in the ass, I can see it now. The supercharge and the armour in the main room that is under those crushers... are they red herrings? I can't grab them and get out of the way of the crushers fast enough. Is it even possible or are they just there to throw you off?
  13. Nemephosis

    This is just plain wrong!

    Gee. I don't know. Maybe the people who made them, for starters?
  14. Nemephosis

    Doom 64 easy map

    I'll try to beat it but if I don't do it in a month, I'll be asking how to cheat through it. Believe me I'll give it a good shot. I have a game plan for the Arachnotrons, and I'm working on one for the Hell Knights. Are there any fun surprises when I grab the yellow key or do I just have to make my way through that floor-shifting and the arrows? I noticed that on the map the kills said "0/7" but then in one map I had 50/1 kills, giving me a 5000% kill. I took a pic. Naturally I don't believe there's only 7 monsters in the map after that. Are there any fun little surprises, such as "opening the three coloured gates and pressing the switch doesn't lead to the exit but dumps you in a room with three Cyberdemons"? fun crap like that? :p edit: If there's only two Unmakers, and one is on level 29, doesn't that mean you pretty much HAVE to get the secret one in Level 34? Cause otherwise you can't grab any of the pentagrams, so you need to find the secret in Outpost Omega. I'm not sure if you can change properties of monsters for one map, but an imp with 5000 health whose fireballs kill in one shot would be something worth trying to beat ;)
  15. Nemephosis

    Doom 64 easy map

    I'm glad someone's taking the time to do it, believe me, it's very much appreciated. I did find one cheap hiding spot: where the rocket launcher is. It's a small place he can't get into (but he can still fire into it). What levels are the Unmaker keys on? I'll see about finding them myself, if I can, I just need to know where to look. And Hectic, well, the map says there's only 7 monsters and I did find 4 hell knights and 3 Arachnotrons... but sweet Jesus, the arachnotrons are impossible. There's not only three (I imagine more at higher difficulties) but the ceiling squashes you too. No way can I get through this. Maybe sooner or later. :) I mean, I'm trying to avoid plasma while having to stand still in a little hole in the ceiling.... it's not happening, and I usually die. :p edit: Is there a file I can edit to flag Map 38 as being beaten? I mean I WILL get through Hectic come hell or high water, but it'd be a pain in the ass doing it every time I reformat/reinstall.