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  1. Nitus

    a little help, if you would

    Okay, no worries. It is his map - he just got back to me on it. Lol, most of his maps are a bit more complex than that one, but I guess every mapper of the era had at least one of those pit arena type maps.
  2. Nitus

    a little help, if you would

    If it wasn't his, it would have been from a fairly popular wad of the era, or at least one from the Master Levels release. I know, still a lot of maps, but the fact that nobody seems to recognize it off the hop is encouraging. edit Here's a screenshot for those of you who don't feel like downloading the wad just to check it out: http://www3.telus.net/nitus/DM-20070909-061559.png. It's not at all like most of his maps in style, which is why I started to worry. Hopefully I'll get an answer back from him today or tomorrow.
  3. Nitus

    a little help, if you would

    Hi. About a month ago, I hooked up with an old friend of mine from the doom days. He was one of the few mappers in Edmonton's doom community, and some of his maps were distinctively better than the typical maps of 94/95. I was extremely delighted to discover that he'd kept all of our map compilations from the era, and decided to return the favor by collecting his maps and submitting them to /newstuff. However, I wasn't able to run the compilation past him before submitting it, and now I'm worried that one of the maps in the pack may not be his. ftp://archives.gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/fray.zip The map in question is map07. I'm waiting on his reply, but I'm not sure when the next /newstuff review is going through, and I don't want to let it go through if that map isn't his. Could someone please check the map and see if it looks familiar? Map07. I do have an an alternate map of his that can replace it, that I omitted because it was a map01 remake, or alternately I could simply reduce the wad to 8 maps. I know, I know, I should have verified it before submitting it, but it just didn't occur to me until afterwards that it might not belong. Please and thank you :).
  4. Nitus

    Map01: Good or bad

    The reason that map01 became popular is pretty obvious - it's the first map that people played on when doom2 came out. Then by map 12 or 13 it was time to quit and go back to map01 since the maps are getting too big for 1-on-1. A week or two later, people have begun to realize that map01 is one of the better maps in doom2.wad to deathmatch on. Over the next few months, they have started to use a lot of different pwads, and by now map01 is probably [along with map07] the only doom2.wad map that they're still using. By now they're probably connecting off and on with a lot of different players, and this is when they realize: other players have other pwads. Except for one thing: map01. Everyone has DMed a lot on - it's more familiar to everyone than any other map. Because it's in common, it gets played a lot - people begin to develop increasing skill on it. Fast forward ten years later. By now map01 play has long-since passed beyond the realm of the normal and become such a benchmark that you can't seperate it from the game. Legendary demos still make the rounds. But the new player, who wasn't around back in the day or at any time since - until now - doesn't know any of that, and hence doesn't get it. All he knows is that he gets his butt kicked and that many people seem to regard map01 play as something akin to the Jedi lightsaber cadence. And then he is further confused by all the people who want to pretend that map01's success is due to its design and not the random fact of it being <A> map01 and <B> small.
  5. Nitus

    XWE colors =\ 256

    XWE will convert to 256 colors - but not 256 per texture. 256, period. It uses the original 256-color doom2 palette, which means that any color will be converted to the closest doom2 palette analog. This means this if you have a texture with a variety of colors, it can easy be reduced to a mere five or six, to match the palette.
  6. Nitus

    Question for new doomers.

    For sure, it's about familiarity. There are some members of the community who aren't simply fond of maps like dwango5 map01, they actually refuse to play on anything new. Most of these players are considered to be quite good, but since they only play on certain maps, I find that hard to credit. It doesn't mean anything to me if a guy beats me on a map that he's played non-stop since the mid-90s.
  7. Nitus

    Best Source Port?

    Zdaemon is the best. Featuring well over 100 permanent servers, and literally hundreds of regular players, it outpaces all of the others when it comes to connectivity. It may not be the best-looking, but if you want to play in a community, instead of by yourself or with the same stagnant friends, it's the *only* port.