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  1. Nunez

    Doom ³: The Movie

    If you ask me Mortal Kombat is the best video game movie so far out of all of them(Minus Total Anihilation). The movie is corny, and so is it's theme song, but the move is still the most accurate.
  2. Nunez

    Doom ³: The Movie

    If I see one scene with fucking bullet-time, I'm leaving the Theater. Also, I would like to see a lot of Satanism. Satanism to the point where Goths would come out of their dank corners and watch the movie. Other than that, no fucking bullet-time. Look what happened to House of the Dead. Oh yeah, forgot. I would like to hear original music in the movie. No bullshit popular artists at the time, like every other movie turned two hour long music video.
  3. Nunez

    DOOM Novels

    Well the fact that this post is still up is just annoying.
  4. Nunez

    What will the new Cyberdemon be like?

    I hope he sounds cooler. He sounded like a camel in the original, which is still scary. I just know if I see I'm running the opposite direction.
  5. Nunez

    Who's your Favorite Monster

    Damn right.
  6. Nunez

    DOOM vs Marathon

    I like the way he put it. I even played it, long time ago. Oh god, I walked up a corridor then saw a few baddies.... Then I just said this sucks. If you ask me I prefer Oregon Trail for the Mac, over Marathon.
  7. Nunez

    DOOM Novels

    If you want the true story, read the manuals. 'nuff said.
  8. Nunez

    DOOM Novels

    The fourth book was just depressing, so was the third. Depressing as in literally depressing. It sucks what they had to go through. They go into space and basically time travel. I have a theory on how it ended really, but It's hard to explain though. Oh yeah, the way Hildalgo died.... It just sucks. I was hoping for him to live atleast 3-4 more chapters, but he dies without honor.
  9. Nunez

    cool idea bossbrain

    Loud scream? You mean when you kill the Icon Of Sin? I hope you're talking about that shrieking scream that I can't find anywhere.
  10. Nunez

    Doom Movie?

    I would like to see them made after the novels, but then again... You can't capture today's audiance because of what happens in the book. People will be bored and won't understand most of it. Plus the movie is under id control, completely. What ever they say goes, even if it sucks. I'm just hoping it does't.
  11. Nunez

    DM Maps for Doom3

    People will make mods in the future. Probably some map makers will add crazy ass light so it'll feel like the original. Also you don't have to go at a slow pace in DM. You could go fast pace, but you're bound to die faster.
  12. Nunez

    DOOM Novels

    It's just something the humans called them. I was hoping for a real name like: Artichokians or something.
  13. Nunez

    So howsabout that beheading?

    http://rense.com/general52/berge.htm http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=94&contentid=1234&page=1
  14. Nunez

    Unreal Engine 3 good-res pics

    It looks like glazed clay to me. The game may look nice, but it's the gameplay that I'm worried about.
  15. Nunez

    New Id Game

    In the book, "Masters of Doom"(The paperback version) talks about John Carmack making a new 3d Engine for a completely new franchise. The only thing that dissapoints me is that John Carmack said it might be another shooter. I was hoping he was going to make his RPG game that should have been Quake.