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  1. eternalegg

    [Release] Mr. Fujiwara's Office

    that was very interesting. also thanks for introducing me to this animation styling its pretty neat.
  2. eternalegg

    Just released my newest map - Sawshank Lament

    was a fun map overall, takes a bit to get used to essentially chainsawing everything. I personally would prefer a berserk instead, i find it more interesting than chainsaw is. the aesthetic of the map was great, but the enemy variety is a bit minimal, which tbf due to the weapons given makes sense but does make the encounters just kinda blend together. also could probs use a bit more health at the beginning it definitely gets easier as the map goes on due to the increase in med kits available. while I am not against low health maps, with the chainsaw being your workhorse u can kinda just take damage if u get unlucky with pain chance. was a super unique experience and I think im going to go through again with no monsters to look at it in a bit more detail cuse I really did like how the map looked. (some custom music would have been rad for this map as well to sell the mood) . The only downside I see is it can be really annoying especially if u do no saves like myself, but once u get used to the limited arsenal it plays really well. oh and u can softlock yourself by going down the lost souls tube towards the beginning, and having no way out of the lava pits seems a bit brutal to me, but bad movement should be punished. great map
  3. Good solid 6 maps. my favorite of the bunch was map05 with map03 as a close second. The only thing I can say is a lot of encounters u can just kinda trigger then backpedal and cheese it a bit, so forcing the player to actually stay in these good arenas would be for the better id say. ( or at least punish a back pedaling player with a sandwich encounter. also map03 I didn't find the rocket launcher until the end but I think thats just cuse Im blind lol. I did uv pistol start and I would say it was average difficulty. overall enjoyed my time greatly with this
  4. eternalegg

    My "First" Map

    as others have mentioned u can just climb up and grab the red key early, besides that the level flows nicely. I would say the texture work is great and the map is a treat to look at. however the enemy encounters were kinda meh imo so the overall gameplay of the map I did not enjoy but it look really good which Id imagine its harder to make a map look good then it is to have good unique encounters.
  5. eternalegg

    Starshine - 3 maps in space

    These were great maps. perfect difficulty and length for a pistol start uv no save run. not a single encounter was boring and each stood out from one another. I would say my favorite level was map02
  6. eternalegg

    Altars of Madness [RC2] [Boom] [12 Maps]

    these are phenomenal comments, must be a real treat of a wad cant wait to try it
  7. eternalegg

    Sewers Redux (aka E1M10)

    Never really liked E1M10 and by contrast did not like this level either tbh. just kinda samey and goes on for a very long time. It does give off the same vibes as E1M10 but those are not really vibes I care for.
  8. eternalegg

    Bing Bong Blippo | 9 map vanilla episode - RC2!

    Really solid map pack a bit on the easier side but overall a very fun time. my favorite map was map07. My only real complaint is a lot of the secrets in the early levels seemed very random like I do not know how you were supposed to discover them tbh. also just noticed the map names . . . nice
  9. eternalegg

    [1.4] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Was an overall very nice experience. Short megawads are always a treat. The only weird part is the difficulty is kinda all over the place either a level I one shot or it takes me a bit of grinding to get, which with so many authors it makes sense. I did every level pistol start on uv with no saves with my platform of choice being GZdoom. some highlight maps: map06, map07, map12, map 14, map19, map 23, map28 Some potential issues: map 31 has a revenant by the yellow key card stuck in the wall map 22- dont know if the cyber is supposed to get free, sometimes he walked out of his cage and sometimes he didnt no idea what’s up with that, fun slaughter map btw
  10. eternalegg

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #034

    Water Facility by Marc J.S. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/v-z/watrfac This was a pretty bad map overall. hitscanner hell with about 3 stimpacks in total. Theres also no ammo on the map, not going to really matter as u get a base shotgun and a chaingun as your weapons with about 20 pinkies, 1 pain elemental, 3 barons, and so on. not particular hard or interesting encounters is just u dont have remotely enough ammo to deal with a quarter of the enemies. overall did not enjoy this map what so ever and dont feel like actually doing a non cheated run on uv, just simply a waste of time. also the secret is just pointless, u have to wall hump to find it no indication and your reward is a short cut that saves maybe 5 seconds of movement 1/10
  11. eternalegg

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #034

    SSSH! - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/sssh This was a very interesting concept for a wad ( note to self always read readme, was very confused at the start). I love the overall vibe this map gives off and although the whole gimmick is don't shoot when in light there wasn't a single point in which I was confused what was and wasnt light. I would dock points simple because the aesthetic is kinda bland and just goes on and on with similar looking buildings. It is also very barren in some parts, yeah thats the point, but there was a lot of just walking around confused especially at the beginning. While I appreciate what this map is doing and did overall enjoy my time with it, I find this type of map not that appealing to me. 7/10 average map in my mind in terms of my personal enjoyment but a really cool concept. (Also I challenge someone to get 100% kills)
  12. eternalegg

    Brain Dead- My latest UDMF map!

    Very solid map enjoyed it thoroughly, wasnt able to find 3 secrets but got all the kills so that was nice. was a good uv no save map, perfect length I feel as well
  13. Overall was a fun time cant wait for the full release the secret in map 11 I love, all that work for so little lol some hightlights , map19, map20, map24 (albeit I did not 100 percent kill but was a really fun just run map).
  14. eternalegg

    Hell Cartel! my first ever Doom 2 "Episode"

    map01- I really like the overall ideas of this map, aesthetically is interesting and the destroyed building architecture is neat. Its however extremely under polished and can look quite rough in a few spots. ( music is nice). gameplay wise Its not great tbh, the biggest problem is the one door with blue strips around it, make those white pls I see blue around a door and assume I need the blue key card and that’s not the case so I just run around for 10 mins with no clue what to do. also, for a level with no ammo and essential a berserk level its way to open imo u want to get up close and personal but u kinda cant. having to pistol a hell knight is not really that fun. map02- A substantial improvement over the first map. overall pretty enjoyable I feel the starting area could have a little more health as its kinda hit scanner hell to begin with. but some encounters were fun. I would recommend not putting weapons in secrets I personally do not enjoy that and its more fun to punch out an archville then rocket him. but besides that the secrets made sense for the most part except the invul dont really know how I was supposed to know to wall hump there. but yeah a huge improvement over the first map and a decent pace. also I feel I need to buy a microwave tv dont know why map03-Again another improvement thoroughly enjoyed this map, a bit on the easier side and some texture were misaligned but I really like the super market fight area. also the monster closet that opened up when going back from the red key was kinda pointless. one hell knight and some imps when u have a super and rocket launcher is not really a threat map04 - overall solid map nothing really stood out as that interesting, but it also was not that confusing either. I would say the teleporter after the yellow key should take u back closer to the yellow key door, kinda a slog to get back. also that last area could use a lot more monsters, was kinda barren and felt like the area could lend for a nice final battle for the map. map05 - very solid map enjoyed it overall had a nice pacing and some interesting encounters. not much else to say really enjoyed it overall, maybe a bit bland visually but nice overall map06 - another solid map, just kinda getting a bit samey if that makes sense. there fine just nothing really outstanding I can think off tbh map07- This map felt halve baked tbh. overall did not enjoy it that much and spent most the time wondering where to go, its also a very large map but very few enemies overall. Nothing Is phenomenal but it’s a great start for your first release. I like the ideas of map 1-4. Everything could offcourse use more polish but only map01 and map07 were experiences I truly did not enjoy.
  15. eternalegg

    Metropolitan Mayhem Machine - Limit Removing Map

    really enjoyed this map nice and open great stuff. the only thing I would say is removing one of the secret flags by the blue armor ran around a bunch until I realized i did not trigger one of the 2 secrets there