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  1. phatbin

    What is martianbuddy.com

    Where's the cabinet that uses that key, btw just to add my 10 cents...this is really cheesy.
  2. phatbin

    Doom 3 Review Rush

    hehe actually, I just downloaded it lol I was about to edit my post
  3. phatbin

    Doom 3 Review Rush

    Well I've played the game and I think Gamespot really summed it up well in that review. Their reviews are the only ones I actually respect anyway, and I agree with most everything they said. Save the part about the savegame feature having a negative impact on the gameplay...we all remember FarCry right? (Although...it DID get a 9.2 :/)...nonetheless the games definetly worth buying! A few things I don't like: The enemies/demons dissapear totally when you gib them...I'd like a few remains. With the demons, maybe some skeletal parts and ash or something. With the zombies, I think you should be able to dismember them, and not have them just blow up a la Half-Life.
  4. " Doom3 ALPHA. The beta version is the Alpha with a few extra stuff. And Cyb i've seen all those screens on another site ages ago" Okay, but I was playing the Beta.
  5. Well the Dom 3 beta runs considerably slower on my computer than the HL2 beta, now putting aside the obvious flaws of completely basing a decision on a leaked beta, I'm still guessin' a lot of people are going to have to upgrade. I'm probably going to go up to a 2.x Processor and maybe bring my RAM up to >1 Gb
  6. "The XBox version has co-op and the PC version doesn't" I.D...DON'T SHOG ME LIKE VALVe DID
  7. Why the HELL are they releasing XBox shots insted of some more PC ones? And there had better not be ANY extra material in the XBox version or I.D.'ll have to deal with me!
  8. phatbin

    Doom 3: Doom 2?

    I see . . . I see EDIT: And is there a way I can access certain levels in zdoom? What do i type in console?
  9. phatbin

    Doom 3: Doom 2?

    How would I do this?
  10. phatbin

    Doom 3: Doom 2?

    Yea I downloaded Doom 2 and got somethin' called zdoom. Are there levels after that one with the huge demon that you shoot rockets at through the little box brain thing? 'Cuz after that level the games over for me..
  11. phatbin

    Doom 3: Doom 2?

    As far as I know, Doom 3 is a re-telling of Doom. Now, the only game I've played is Doom 2, since, for some reason, I can't play Doom on my compuer, as it lags tremendously, and has no mouse-look as far as i can tell. I'm sure theres a MOD out there to fix that stuff, but I'm too lazy to figure it out right now. Anyway, I was just thinking it'd be a cool idea to make an expansion pack for Doom 3 that re-tells Doom 2...