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  1. The main thing that annoys me is the lack of realism in the activities of the monsters. Why are they waiting for me in a closet? or other stupid hideout place. What were they going to do when i was not around. The good thing of HL was IMO that all enimies were busy doing something (more or less) logical.

    Doom3 scary? Ha! The game is less scary as pacman. The atmosphere is not scary enough. The storyline is not interesing enough to follow. And the whole PDA thing is just annoying.

    Well, in one word D3 is "no-fun". MP is not worth speaking about.

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    2. Linguica


      Lord FlatHead said:

      companies like Raven who know how to take fresh technology and use it to make something that's a little more original.

      Ha ha ha this is a very funny joke!

      Ichor said:

      Here's why.

      Aha, in that case it wasn't sarcastic

    3. Lord FlatHead

      Lord FlatHead

      Linguica said:

      Ha ha ha this is a very funny joke!

      I said 'little'.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      ...and you're still giving Raven way too much credit.