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  1. -- Alexei --

    Fun mod I made for GZDOOM (DECORATE)

    Well, I originally made it for myself and a friend but I decided it'd be nice to post it, they brought it up and seemed like a good idea. It's really just a joke for some laughs, even if I did put some effort into it (SPECIALLY the pixel art, kinda hard to not make it look weird in DOOM's artstyle), so it adds my pet as 3 weapons: Slow (but in SOME cases a bit OP) regeneration, press the fire button and it gives you more health, 2% each time, though if you look at the DECORATE code you can see why it can be OP if you're REALLY patient, best part is, it doesn't consume any ammo! It's fairly rarely dropped by imps. (screenshot: https://ibb.co/VNH5LYC) Deploy a small but deadly bioweapon otherwise known as a hamster, it costs 30 cells per hamster but it can be REALLY deadly if you saved up enough, they can't die but they only last a map and you can still shoot them by accident, they don't take damage at all though. They attack using the A_BetaSkullAttack function, so they can't miss and they can do a LOT of damage if the RNG likes you. They're dropped by barons of hell. (screenshot: https://ibb.co/7n3d7SC) A turret like TF2's (yeah, it really shows it's a joke wad), it's handled by (again) my pet and can withstand up to 1 face rocket (don't worry, he doesn't die :D) and can't move, you can only carry 5 turrets at a time (10 with a backpack) and are sometimes dropped by chaingunners (screenshot: https://ibb.co/fDkjdrY). Again, it's made for GZDOOM (tested in v4.7.1, probably works on older versions since it only uses DECORATE and KEYCONF) and is just a fun thing I thought of on a weekend, though you'll probably laugh sometimes :) specially if you turn on item nametags. Here is everyone in action in MAP16: https://ibb.co/ftDqqVF https://ibb.co/3N6zFfn PD: Mopi is my pet's name. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w7ejrh38kd7rk0e/Mopi.zip/file If you have ANY problems, in-game, on the post, with files, whatever, TELL ME.
  2. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    -It's pretty embarassing that I forgot not to copy the backup pk3, you guys can just delete it and all. -Yeah I know that, I remember trying to make the custom intermission following the zdoom wiki and realizing I didn't need it, I didn't think people would even notice the error so I just left it there, I didn't have much time that day anyway -That's because I initially used Eureka for the WAD and it made some really weird files when I got SLADE3, I kept them in because I didn't want to fuck anything up and they didn't seem to cause any problems being there. Yeah I do need to sort the lumps out, but seeing that they don't cause problems (no, PrBoom isn't a problem, I wouldn't even run in it even if I sorted things out since the WAD uses DECORATE and all I know about PrBoom is that it doesn't support that kind of ZDoom features) -DECORATE errors? I've never actually noticed that, first time I'm seeing this, and no, I didn't remove any icons myself, just adjusted some of the weapon's code to be a bit more OP like in the original game it comes from -don't worry about that one, in MAP13 I originally wanted it to be a "shoot the wall until it explodes" fight but I actually managed to use DECORATE, took me a whole afternoon to solve it, I didn't remove the texture from the TEXTURES and PNAMES lumps because I literally looked at the list for half an hour and didn't find it, so I thought I had removed it myself and the game just still thought it was there, I'll look again tho -seems like I was bound to have the same thing as teamtnt in pharaoh, if I manage to fix this missing texture problem among the others I'll make a fixed version or something
  3. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    Well, the missing textures thing are now officially terrifyingly concerning specially because of my already existing nervousness, I really don't know what the problem is, I loaded it up both with the Doom Builder 2 testing mode and normally in GZDoom 4.7.1 and I saw no problems. I hope it doesn't ruin the fun :( Now that I'm thinking, maybe it's something with OpenGL (assuming here) since I use SoftPoly because I don't have OpenGL in my pc.
  4. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    Yeah, I know about that, it gets MUCH better in later maps, around MAP11 (which is honestly on the top best in the set), the 90s feel wasn't intentional at all, you got it completely right, I take that as a compliment :D I think I put the source port thing in the text file and (I hope) post, my bad.
  5. my god this is a really good way to start summer vacation

  6. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    Boy this makes me cry all over the place, I'm extremely glad my efforts weren't in vain :D The music is from Ultimate MIDI Pack, a music pack for DOOM I made by a team, and Daisy is DOOMguy's bunny, she died at the end of DOOM I when Earth was invaded, so I wanted to make this WAD about him having revenge and going on an absolute rampage. I really hope you don't get the missing texture thing from the other guy :) good luck, make sure to save every once in a while!
  7. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    Huh... Well you can just ignore the MAPINFO error, it doesn't affect anything, just a definition it doesn't want to recognize (it was even on the zdoom wiki) but there's no real problem on it, and something really tells me your problem with the missing textures COULD be on your part, because I just remembered a few weeks ago a friend tested the first 10 maps (yeah, he takes long) and didn't see anything weird.
  8. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    Yeah I did, well, I actually took a texture pack from realm667 (I credited) and put it in the fdresource.pk3 file, if you can see the hanging baron texture at the end of MAP24 then that isn't the problem, again, in which places do you see the missing textures? skies? floors? provide screenshots if you can. Also I'm extremely shocked 2 months isn't a lot, it really felt like I was doing this for 2 years O.o maybe next time I should just make a single map WAD and leave it at that, it's gonna be a long time until I make another megaWAD.
  9. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    I see, all of that is very true, the BTSX part I "took" was the waterfalls outdoors and out of bounds trees in later levels, but what I'm REALLY interested about is the missing texture thing, the moment I tested it yesterday I saw them everywhere too, did you see them in mountains and all that? because everytime I used ASHWALL2 and tested it outside of Doom Builder 2 the game just "ignored" it's existence, so I resorted to changing it into ASHWALL from DOOM I. If the missing textures your'e talking about are in skies, then that's something I have no idea on how to fix because I even used tricks from other posts on other forums and tutorials and it worked for me. Anywho, I really hope you enjoyed it, I just don't want my 2 month effort go to waste u.u
  10. -- Alexei --

    New (and my first) MegaWAD for TNT

    DOOM: For Daisy Welcome, this is my first megaWAD (although my first map isn't here nor you will ever see it) and I'm pretty proud of most of it, some parts take concepts off of BTSX and AfterDOOM, you gotta get someone to learn from anyway :). I've always wanted to know what happened between DOOM 64 and DOOM (2016), specially because DOOMguy staying in hell sounded very entertaining for a game, so I made it into 30 maps. I also kind of think Daisy is pretty forgotten in the DOOM community, or maybe it's just my obsession with animals. Anyway, this WAD features 32 maps (2 being secret, they're kinda meh to me but they'll clarify the story a bit, look for elevators if you wanna enter them), none of them are really made to be pistol started tho, I've never liked the concept of it and it's kinda tough to balance it out for pistol starts without making it too easy, so make sure to save before exiting a level. This took quite long to make, around 2 months to be exact, it's also something I made almost all by myself, the exceptions are some graphics and music, but it's all credited in the .txt file. Since this introduces new things, it needs additional files to be run with (and therefore, it's made to be run with GZDoom), I compressed it all into a .pk3 and 2 .wad, one WAD has the maps and music and the other one has the new weapon tweaked to fit into the WAD. The map format is BOOM (yeah, I know, DECORATE and BOOM, I was too compromised with BOOM when I realized) and has standard DOOM gameplay, no crazy slaughter map (although some parts are a bit similar to one, but I made sure to prepare the player with powerups), it's in the DOOM II/TNT level of difficulty, no plutonia revenant-chaingunner army or surprise Cyberdemons, I also put in quite the detail into it, not BTSX or Gothic99 levels of detail (I really wished), but it's quite the thing. You also might want to be paying attention to your rockets or energy cells, I'm not that generous with ammo, but it's not like there's 4 shells in the whole map, you also may want to jump and crouch a few times, some secrets and progression need it, I also recommend freelook, but it's not a requirement. One last thing, I hope hardware acceleration doesn't lag your pc (unlike mine, I don't have OpenGL so I have to use SoftPoly and it's terrible) bc if you see a Hall-Of-Mirrors you may want to use hardware rendering for that part, specially MAP22. Closing off, here are the screenshots: Here is the download link (it was tested in GZDoom, MAYBE it'll work in ZDoom): https://www.mediafire.com/file/8vhatgkbo58io2s/For_Daisy.zip/file