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  1. Unregistered User

    Classic doom maps but with more difficulty [split]

    I think you misconstrued my argument as implying that the origin of real art must be mutually exclusive from financial incentive, but that the best art depends on a general cultural wellbeing to be conceived. The Renaissance comes to mind, where after the bubonic plagued killed off a large percentage of the population and effective trades routes brought about prosperity, Florence, one of the hubs of these routes, had the resources for art to flourish. Commissions were still made, and the honor and status was still on the line creators during this time, but there was enough social mobility and economic cushion for them to focus on the process of their work instead of the outcome. That's essentially what the Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index tries to measure. I agree with you. But I also disagree, in that it would not have been the same Doom today. I can only speculate, but I doubt Doom's developers back in the day were solely motivated by money. I think they were much more motivated by what they though Doom would contribute those those who played it. I hate to say it, but if it had been made today, it might have had a few less gameplay allures, and a few more microtransactions, DLCs or seasons. And that's because of economics.
  2. Unregistered User

    Classic doom maps but with more difficulty [split]

    I can tell we're not a majority on this, but I have to agree, @Mercury Spade Copyright laws are absolute persecutory, illogical garbage. When I make some song, the song is not me. It contains my essence, (as I mentioned in another post,) but it is not not me, and therefore not my property. If the song were to benefit me, or for Doom to continue to benefit ID Software, that's great, but when people are punished for sharing these works, something is wrong. In this case, @RUBENEITOR just wanted to share with us something he thought we might enjoy. It was nothing more than a kind gesture. There would be no victim of art theft/sharing, if not for the fact we live without the privilege to create art without repercussions. Time is money, and art is time. To make art is to lose money, so naturally, money must be gained for the art in order for artists to exist. It is a miracle there is any art being created at all under these increasingly dire economic constraints. This is why we may observe, as the Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index of the US continues to fall (Wikipedia), a downward trend in the availability and quality of artwork. This is of course, a subjective claim. But, in my lifetime I have definitely seen this. All art I see today is explicitly designed to make money. It is exclusively a business, rather than self-expression for the purpose of social or personal growth. It has been this way for some time, but at least when I was younger I personally knew more people who practiced art, and when they did, it was more passionate. Concerts were about community and music in contrast to today's events, which are still good, but err on the side of being avenues through which Ticketmaster profits and during which selfies are harvested for personal branding and influence. We need to abolish copyright laws. Those who argue that artists will suffer are not wrong. But, really, are these would-be suffering artists really artists at all? Is art that which is created for the sole purpose of money worth anything anyway? I say, the answer to both these questions is a resounding, "no." That being said, I know Doomworld needs to abide by these laws, and I'm very happy this site is here. So nice catch, @maxmanium
  3. Unregistered User

    what do you think is the most creepy doom sprite

    The hanging Captain Keen wouldn't hit home until I grew up.
  4. Unregistered User

    Delete Me

  5. Unregistered User

    Why doom 1 & 2 could do well with a remaster(?)

    Every remaster of everything that has ever been remastered is terrible.
  6. Unregistered User

    What port (and version) do you speedrun on?

    I enabled it on accident in PrBoom+, of course DSDA wouldn't have removed a feature. Thanks, @Shepardus
  7. Unregistered User

    What port (and version) do you speedrun on?

    I was surprised to see DSDA as the top. I had never heard of it. I downloaded it and immediately see why. But, one thing I can't seem to find in the options is a way to have a HUD like this, as seen in PrBoom+: I really like looking at the full gun animations. Is this possible in DSDA Doom?
  8. Unregistered User

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Love the background used in the opening of Mausoleum Nefarium:
  9. Unregistered User

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    This is amazing. Thank you. Really enjoyable gameplay. "Not too hard, not too soft." -Dennis Reynolds
  10. Unregistered User

    BendusOlos maps

    The level design is such that the eyes are constantly engaged, and the weapon choices keep me thinking. Monsters are meandering about- standard doom fare. And the midi juxtaposes the map's air of madness. Or compliments it. It's difficult to tell, and for that reason, I wish this deviation from normalcy were longer. One more thing that disturbs me: the file size is 93kb, yet you posted it as a RAR archive.
  11. Unregistered User

    Doomworld's reactspheres: share your interpretation(s)!

    soulsphere: I like your content a regular amount megaphere: Your content is some primo shit and you should be proud partial invisibility: You're a visionary, lol invulnerability: Oh wow no counter argument necessary or possible You all misconstrue invulnerability as being better than megasphere. Why? In the game I get invulnerability and I immediately panic, not only because I'm blinded by light, but because it will eventually run out and I'll be back where I started in thirty seconds. Megaspheres are forever, like true love. These are reserved for posts that empower us to be better individuals.
  12. Unregistered User

    what do you think is the most creepy doom sprite

    Flat 14 is so blue it's sus. The UAC interior decorator was definitely partially responsible for the outbreak of hell.
  13. Unregistered User

    What songs do you wish had MIDI renditions?

    I want a midi rendition of any type of reverb, delay, phaser, stereo separation or automation. Delay is replicable, but it requires placing at least 3 times the notes (as the bare minimum for a short feedback) and individually panning them if stereo delay is desired. No thank you. The limitations working with midis are seriously frustrating. I think it's time to start moving Doom into the future and using more modern formats. It costs more to play Doom on computers that require midi format music than it does to play on a modern system. Examples with self promotion: On topic: Deadmau5 "Word Problems" (But alas, it would be ass)
  14. Unregistered User

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    You can hear it now if you'd like, I'm streaming. I'm collaborating with some member on projects that are not close to being finished. I hope the soundtracks will be well received.
  15. Unregistered User

    Doom Streams

    Midi composition session.