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  1. Really? Because it even makes the turn off sound like someone cut the power, I thought that was meant to happen from the sound
  2. Why do the lights turn off in the 2nd Map, I can't see anything and Flashlight Mods or Night Vision will not work, is that suppose to happen?
  3. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    I actually did test if it were other mods affecting the game, I even got rid of Nash Gore and it was still dropping
  4. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    So when there's more than a 1000 enemies on the map even before the they spawn the game lags so much that it just goes to 1 frame making the last few levels of Chapter 2 not fun, I'm not sure why, I have pretty powerful PC and it was struggling so much that I had to use the Kill Monsters command to keep the game stable
  5. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    I had a funny idea that the Nazis could be Dog-Mens with Bulldog like heads and when they die they just howl
  6. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    My god you're right it even fixed the Main Menu, I'm using Final Doom now and it works way better than Doom 2 that I did get from the BFG Edition, finally I can play the secret level properly
  7. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    Yeah so I turned off every other mod except SCS, even the nashgore mod, I even tried playing the level as 1 of the other girls, the Nazis will not appear and die as zombies
  8. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    It's only the secret Nazi Level for me, other levels work fine, I did turn off my BDv21 Enemies Only off and it was still doing it, I then did Nazi Enemies and they were still invisible, it may have been my system struggling to load them up, there is 1 issue that's not a big deal but kinda annoying, because I use a crosshair, the rocket launcher seems a little bit off the side in aiming to the right
  9. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    Damn it maybe my Laptop then, it must be causing issues with the level, though this kinda makes it more scary fighting invisible enemies, like camo assassins
  10. Cyclone-Sama

    (TC) Space Cats Saga+ (Final) Update 6.66

    Has the secret Nazi Level been fixed? Because they were still invisible and when they die they become compressed Zombie Soldiers sinking into the ground Edit: It's still bugged even when I don't use any other wads or mods, though I have a suggestion for the secret level, if you wanna hear
  11. The Nazi Level is bugged, the enemies are invisible and when they do die they are the Zombies standing but sinking in the ground