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  1. i'm a newbie in editions and i whant to know what'a hell is a PREFAB?

    1. lupinx_resurrected


      Maybe you should have asked in the editing thread.

      Edit:A prefab is a group of commands that you may use often and you want to make it easier and faster to do. Such as a door which opens when you kill certain enemys, or a 3d tree you made, ect ect...

    2. Amaster


      To elaborate on lupinx's explanation, prefab is an abbreviation for "prefabricated".

    3. Ed


      Say you're making a room with many very detailed, time consuming support beams. Instead of repeating the process of building each beam, brush by brush (or sector by sector, if editing in the Doom engine), you can edit on an entirely different template. Save the BSP as a stand-alone beam in the editor's pre-fab folder (ususally you can load them in after the editor restarts, depending on the editor) or if it's in Doom, on an editor like Wadauthor, you can simply copy and paste the selection.