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  1. drav35

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    everybody gets mad at everything these days, hell the Doom area in RAGE wasn't perfect and I didn't throw a hissy fit because it was 100% accurate
  2. even with all the hate it gets I'll still play it, although i don't think 20 years from now there will be user mods/levels for it, unlike the original doom
  3. I should be the dumb one and say, someone should make a Quake Mod were you fight evil pants or something
  4. drav35

    What's your favorite original Xbox games?

    besides like Halo 2 these were the games i spent alot of time on WWE RAW 2: had fun times with this making weird created wrestlers and my friend kept getting destroyed by this 3 feet tall alien creature that i created from the internet and the game had unrealistic physics and stuff Timesplitters Future Perfect - yeah i used play this alot online, playing alot of user made levels and making my own levels Ghost ReCon 2 and Summit Strike: had fun playing co-op online in this and would sometimes be a dick a chuck a grenade when match started and kill everyone Far Cry Instincts and the second part: had fun playing online but I spent alot of time exploring the user maps i downloaded from people then playing the game
  5. drav35

    The /newstuff Chronicles #201

    I found out what was wrong with hellcore map05, why it crashed in zdoom and shit, linedef 321 was filped, filp it and works fine.
  6. drav35

    The /newstuff Chronicles #153

    I argee with you, This guy who made this god awful shit should be Shot.
  7. drav35

    The /newstuff Chronicles #153

    Also very stupid indeed.
  8. drav35

    Testers needed for megawad

    count me in i guess
  9. drav35

    Doom Park

    i have a gp32 i playtested and it runs fine and crap and they ported wolfenstien to it 2 and bunch of emulators
  10. drav35

    What makes a bad TC?

    Um i guess i posted just a little to late
  11. drav35

    What makes a bad TC?

    ASCII Doom , 1 color doom , Use Textures From Nintendo Games And Enemies and Make Levels out stupid crap like that, Example: Megaman Levels , Super Mario Bros , Bastard Master , Metriod , You know WTF i mean.
  12. drav35


  13. drav35

    Updated Screenies :-)

    It's Okay I Guess
  14. drav35

    Zelda: Wind Waker

    i got zelda wind waker and beat in 5 days without dying and No i'm giving away the ending. Well that kinda disapointed me because i beat it in 5 days but i didn't get all heart peices and treasures from the charts