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  1. outrrealm


    well the word "goo" is actually used in the game. one of the audio logs. kinda funny considering that alot of high-tech info is being explained, then they throw in the word goo.
  2. outrrealm

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    not sure if this was mentioned but, super turbo turkey puncher is supposed to be a joke on Capcom's "Street Fighter" series.
  3. outrrealm

    Someone already has Doom 3

    his shadow still shows a head...
  4. outrrealm

    Doom Comic

    on the page where u choose which forum to enter (classic, doom3, misc, hosted), there is a comic of a marine in berserk mode punching a cyber demon. just wondering where u got that from.
  5. outrrealm

    what makes doom so good?

    atmosphere. the sounds, design, artwork, everything.
  6. outrrealm

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    "Blade II" style gibbing sounds horrible. I want the gory mess!!
  7. Arioch, did you know you can open the console and type \save_game quicksave? you can save anywhere you want. you dont have to name the quicksave as "quicksave" either, can be whatever u like. I enjoyed the vehicles myself, and i thought the controls were pretty good. which monsters were u talking about that had 1-hit-kill? the gorillas? strafe works well... all in all, i thought farcry was a great game from nowhere. i saw a few adds for it, but thats it. will tide me over till doom3.
  8. outrrealm

    Doom 3 co-op on XBOX Live

    The main argument i have seen why doom3 should not have co-op is because it would make the game less scary. So what? That doesnt mean the single player mode would be less scary. Why deny your paying customers the option to play co-op? Why not make the game your customers want? Why not add as many different modes of play possible? It doesnt make sense to me, there must be some technical reasons. The perfect game in my mind would be one with limitless possibilities. If I want to be scared out of my mind, I'd play single player. Seems like ID is shooting themselves in the foot by limiting their game if there is no good reason (being less scary isnt one).
  9. outrrealm

    playing demos;multiple versions

    ok i figured out what i was doing wrong. 1st i must not have been typing the demo name correctly. then i had unzipped to seperate folder and forgot to paste it over to doom folder. Ack! i should get some sleep.
  10. outrrealm

    playing demos;multiple versions

    ok, its supposed to be pl30, not pl130. tried to run the demo agian after makign sure i had the exact demo name, 8 characters, still got that error. i read the txt that came with the demo: "This is a DooM .LMP "COMPET-N/fdoom/" Entry - Please forward it... PL30-122.TXT PL30-122.ZIP PL30-122.LMP - Ultra Violence Recorded using Final Doom Version 1.9 Doom2 -PlayDemo with Version 1.9" compatability issue with prboom?
  11. outrrealm

    playing demos;multiple versions

    using prboom, plutonia.wad, i sometimes get a PrBoom error msg, which pops up right after doom loads. "W_GetNumForName:'demoname' not found" This only happens with certain plutonia demos so not sure what the deal is. demos with this problem: pl130x116 pl130-122
  12. outrrealm

    playing demos;multiple versions

    thanks Grazza, much appreciated
  13. heres my problem. i have 3 differnt versions of doom. 1)Ultimate Doom 2)Final Doom 3)Collector's Edition Doom All I want to do is play demos. i dont even play the game myself, but i find watching demos intertaining. the only demos i can get to work right are ones for ultimate doom. both Final Doom and the Collector's Edition run in Windows, not dos. when i try and watch a demo from either of those 2 versions, the character either dies, shoots in random directions, or runs into walls. i wanna watch these demos! help plz!