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  1. on PrBoom+ and DSDA-Doom I get this kind of weird mouse smoothing (it's subtle but noticeable), I'm not sure if that's due to the fact that I have a high refresh rate monitor or what. I managed to fix it in PrBoom+ by replacing the SDL2 dll files with the ones from Crispy Doom, but this doesn't work in DSDA-Doom and I get some weird error. anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this? i would like to start using DSDA-Doom due to the MBF21 and Heretic/Hexen support but this is preventing me from doing so
  2. cymx

    DSDA-Doom mouse smoothing/lag

    yea i had vsync disabled, but last night i messed around with the settings and it turns out exclusive fullscreen is what fixed it lol. That didn't fix it in PrBoom+ so I'm a little confused, but I'm not complaining lol
  3. cymx

    PrBoom+ Mouse Question

    bumping this 4 year old thread because i searched for a fix for like an hour and this is the top search result for "prboom mouse smoothing" (sorry) just in case anyone else needs this solution basically basically what you need to do (in the latest build of PrBoom+) is replace the DLL files with "SDL2" in the name, with the ones in Chocolate/Crispy Doom, that fixed every single issue for me the mouse feels much nicer now and basically feels like Crispy Doom's mouse movement