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  1. KozmoNaut

    Half-Life 2/Doom 3 Tech Comparison

    The difference is that Doom3 uses fonts for the textures, not just for the HUD. It really is the only way to ensure that people who play the game can always read the screens, regardless of their graphics settings.
  2. KozmoNaut

    Fatal1ty @ Quakecon

    FYI, he does have a girlfriend, and she's damn hot, too...
  3. KozmoNaut

    What the heck is an armor shard?

    I believe it was mentioned in either an audio log or an email. Your armor is a suit with pockets all over, and you can replace individual pieces of it with the armor shards you find.
  4. KozmoNaut

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    How old are you?
  5. KozmoNaut

    XFX 6800 GT arrived! Pics inside

    How tall is the card? 1 slot or 2 slots? The reason I'm asking is that my Soltek Qbic only has enough space for 1-slot cards ;)
  6. KozmoNaut

    Robert Duffy says "1 gig of memory great for Doom 3"

    Mmmmmm.... 1GB PC3200 in Dual-Channel (2x512). I think I'll manage ;)
  7. KozmoNaut

    So what´s your rig ?

    Yeah, it's a great card, trusty and stable as hell. It has survived being lugged to lots of LANs, even with that massive Zalman Heatpipe cooler thingie I put on it. Had to remove it, though, since I bought a Shuttle Form Factor case ;) I originally bought a Palit Daytona Ti4200, but it just died after 6 months. I got another one on the warranty, but it also died after only 5 months. Luckily, the warranty was still good, and they sent me the Albatron :) I am now a devout Albatron fan. It really "Captures the spirit of the Albatross" as their slogan says :D Apart from the absolutely suckadelic standard cooler (which rattles and whines) it's a great card. Worth every penny. Better get me a new cooler for it, though.
  8. KozmoNaut

    So what´s your rig ?

    Soltek EQ3401 barebone SFF case Soltek SL-B8E-F i865 motherboard 2.6GHz Pentium 4 Nortwood-C CPU 1024MB Corsair XMS PC3200 RAM 120GB Maxtor Diamondmax +9 hard drive Albatron Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB graphics card Yamaha DS-XG YMF724 sound card 16x Asus E616 DVD drive 24x/10x/40x Samsung SW 224B CD-r drive Acer AL732 17" Digital flat panel :D Logitech MX310 mouse running at 500hz and 800dpi Logitech UltraX Flat laptop-style keyboard In addition to that, I have my stereo hooked up to provide sound (2.1 setup): Pioneer A-305R amp 50watt Jamo SAT200 II sattelites 150watt Jamo SW200 II subwoofer Apart from the graphics card, I'm good to go. Unfortunately, I won't be able to afford a new card in the near future, so I'm guessing the next upgrade is a whole new system, a year or two in the future.
  9. KozmoNaut

    Doom 4?

    Quake 1: Bad dude codenamed "Quake" starts attacking our world from an alternate dimension. You have to stop him. Quake 2: The Stroggos, who are aliens, begin attacking our world and we send a massive army through their own dimensional hole to attack their own planet. The army gets shot down, you are one of the only survivors, and you have to stop the Stroggos. Quake 3: The Vadrigar, who are mysterious god-like beings, have contructed the Arena Eternal, where the greatest fighters of all time (including the Doom guy, the Quake guy, and a few Quake 2 dudes) have to fight eternally. :)
  10. KozmoNaut

    What Do You Recommend?

    Just get whatever's cheapest when combined with a good motherboard.
  11. KozmoNaut

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    That's because the CryTek engine uses two different lighting models. One for indoors, and one for outdoors. The indoor lighting is very similar to Doom3's lighting, and the outdoor lighting is similar to the HL2 lighting (ie. not quite fully dynamic.)
  12. KozmoNaut

    Doom ³: The Movie

    Or Peter Jackson! (Watch Braindead and Bad Taste if you don't believe me) And as an added bonus, he has WETA Digital to help with the effects.
  13. KozmoNaut

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    You could say that. But it could also be that the Xbox has a complete (DirectX and OpenGL support) driver, and that the game designers only have to supply the OpenGL runtime. But I'm not really in on how the Xbox is designed. I have a GC ;) But I do know that the Xbox runs a trimmed-down Win2000 kernel, and that it is capable of OpenGL. If it wasn't, Doom3 would probably never be released for it. There's just too much OpenGL-only stuff in it.
  14. KozmoNaut

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    The Xbox runs a trimmed-down version of the Win2000 kernel. It can run OpenGL just fine, but the developers have to put it on the game disc since it isn't supported out-of-the-box.
  15. KozmoNaut

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    America's Army has OpenGL support too.
  16. KozmoNaut

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    Switching to DirectX9 doesn't make sense in the long run. Over the next 5-10 years, I believe we will see a more diverse computing world, were inter-platform compatibility is going to be a very important thing to have. OpenGL is the industry standard (especially for serious 3D work, like CAD/CAM), and so it is only logical that this standard carries over into games as well. Having one well-defined 3D API will make life a lot easier for programmers. OpenGL is a much more mature API, and it is supported by some of the most important companies in the business: http://www.opengl.org/about/arb/notes/meeting_note_2004-03-02.html The only people who really believe in DirectX are Microsoft, and only because it is their own creation. What they are trying to do is lock people in to using only their APIs, thereby crushing any hope of cross-platform compatibility. By using OpenGL in conjunction with SDL, one can easily achieve the same or better results as with DirectX9, and have it work on Mac, Linux, *BSD, Solaris, IRIX etc. etc. with a minimum of effort.
  17. KozmoNaut

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    It shouldn't. Bullets are made of lead and don't make sparks. But a 'cling!' sound would be nice.
  18. KozmoNaut

    How will everyone play Doom 3?

    I'll play it at night, in a completely dark room and with headphones. I want the ultimate experience out of this game. Even though Doom 3 could theoretically disappoint, I will play it all the way through. The old Doom games mean so much to me. They were my first real multiplayer experience and the first games I really got sucked into. I guess I'm just a hopeless Doom fanatic :)
  19. KozmoNaut

    Will DooM 3 run on linux?

    Yes, Mac OSX uses the Mach 3.0 kernel and the 4.4BSD userland tools. This is what is commonly know as Darwin. Mac OSX, Linux and FreeBSD are so similar that a lot of software written for one system will easily run on the others. Exceptions are programs using OSX's Aqua GUI, since the GUI is proprietary. But programs using X will run on all three systems (and most other UNIX systems and clones, too). I'm really looking forward to playing Doom 3 on Linux :)