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  1. I discovered tonight that a movie theater in Portland is showing The Holy Grail and Life of Brian... for the cost of a single admission. I've already seen both movies when they were re-released in theaters in 2001 and 2004, respectively, and I own the DVDs, but this is still awesome. I wonder if any other theaters are doing this. Here's the theater's site if any of you live around Portland and are interested: http://www.hollywoodtheatre.org/. I'm probably gonna go see them tomorrow... and maybe again on Wednesday.

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    2. exp(x)


      Big cities are going to be expensive no matter what. That's what shocked me about how cheap this was. The last time I saw a movie in Portland, the parking cost me more than the admission. Then again, this theater isn't downtown.

      As far as Portland vs. Seattle goes, I don't know; I've only been to Seattle once. I do like northern Washington more than down here, though. I'm probably going to be moving up in that direction once I get my ascociate degree from the community college because there is no full-blown WSU or UW campus here to transfer to.

    3. Danarchy


      Well I don't mind living in the suburbs of a city, but shit, even Seattle's suburbs are expensive. Also, I heard that there is more of an 'alternative' club scene in Portland. Seattle has grown very upscale...there are all these expensive clubs and restaurants being built and they're forcing the dingier places out of town. Personaly, that's my favorite part of a city...the grunge. Ha! Get it? Grunge? Seattle?

      Also, if you wanted to be a sleazy bastard, you could live in Vancouver or Portland and get a job Vancouver and do all your shopping in Portland. Then if you're renting, you're not paying any tax except federal income tax. Stupid IRS!

      Okay, that was a very weird rant.

    4. exp(x)


      Haha, that's exactly what I do. I live and work in Vancouver and shop in Portland. It only takes me about 15 minutes to get downtown when the traffic isn't bad. I guess I'm a sleazy bastard!

      But, yeah, the suburbs aren't as expensive here. Vancouver is pretty much a blue-collar city. I definitely saw the upscale aspect of Seattle when I was there for a blues concert. The venue was completely yuppie, and even served 'asian fusion' food from a restaurant upstairs while people were waiting in their seats for the show to start. It was quite a paradox when you consider the blues.