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  1. So there's this party, right? A party of functions! All of the functions are there: e^x, πr^2, i^2, even some old-school guys like |x|. Anyway, poor e^x is alone in a corner, acting all morose. His good friend 2^x comes over and says, "What's the problem? Come on, integrate yourself into the party!" And e^x looks at him and he says, "Why? It's not going to make a difference!"

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    2. Kenny McCormick

      Kenny McCormick

      e is an irrational number (non-terminating non-repeating decimal) that is used to nullify natural logs (ln)

    3. exp(x)


      Fredrik said:

      But most amazingly, pi^0.5 = -0.5!

      Mmmmm... Gamma function.

    4. spank


      old, yet funny, joke