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  1. exp(x)

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Sorry for the bump, but I feel I need to add my voice of appreciation to the chorus. I probably would not have played Doom past the 90's if it wasn't for idgames. It's crazy to think that Ty was maintaining it when I was first exploring what the internet had to offer in my early teenage years, that he was maintaining it when I uploaded lame joke wads to /incoming during my stupid years, and that he continued to maintain it until I was 30 and rarely playing Doom. If I ever get the itch to fire up some new wads, I will think of Ty when I download them.
  2. exp(x)

    Recommend Me a Torrent Client

  3. Gravity is "only" a theory, too. You take for granted how many everyday devices like LEDs would not be possible without an understanding of quantum mechanics.
  4. exp(x)

    How Obamacare Actually Works

    Lumping Americans into one group is a fallacy. There are basically two increasingly polarized halves playing a retarded stagnant game of tug of war.
  5. exp(x)

    New Deus Ex games underway!

    This sounds like the Dragon's Tooth sword in the original, although that isn't acquired super early in the game.
  6. exp(x)

    GG, Youtube, you fucked it up AGAIN!

    https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2897336 I fail to see the problem.
  7. exp(x)

    Chess 2: the Sequel to Chess

    Checkers always ends in a draw if played correctly, ruining the appeal for me. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/317/5844/1518.abstract
  8. exp(x)

    doom street art

  9. exp(x)

    Doomworld Personality Test

    The Las Vegas Strip is the most depressing place I have ever been.
  10. exp(x)

    Objective truth

    If you accept that mathematics exists outside of human thought, its theorems, lemmas, etc are objectively true.
  11. exp(x)

    Doomworld Personality Test

    Oregon is awesome. Of the 5 states I've lived in, it's my favorite.
  12. exp(x)

    Most Chilling Moment in Doom or Doom II?

    Encountering this thing for the first time:
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    2. 40oz


      I'm american and what is this

    3. exp(x)
    4. Snakes


      Living in L.A., I find myself consistently missing two breweries every time I go on a run - Bell's and Founders. They made some of the most phenomenal ales I've ever had.

  13. exp(x)

    The world's most promising Physicist?

    You're really starting to sound obsessive about this kid.
  14. exp(x)

    Revision control and the Internet

    Seriously. Go back under your caveman bridge, Maes.
  15. exp(x)


    I'll probably do a cacolantern next week, but I don't have any plans for Halloween other than to drink a bottle of Southern Tier Pumking.
  16. exp(x)

    Is there a Doomworld app?

    Or if you don't give a fuck, like me, you use gedit. Haters gonna hate.
  17. exp(x)

    Zandronum with crossover cable?

    Read the OP again. Second to last paragraph.
  18. exp(x)

    Zandronum with crossover cable?

    Maybe, maybe not. This was the point of my original response. There is a decent chance that the computers are already configured to be on the same subnet, in which case a crossover cable should simply work. FTFY
  19. exp(x)

    Zandronum with crossover cable?

    Ok, and?
  20. exp(x)

    Zandronum with crossover cable?

    This is true if both computers are on the same subnet to begin with. It's possible that connecting the computers to a hub or switch that is also connected to a DHCP enabled router will correct subnet mismatch, whereas a crossover cable won't do this (unless for some weird reason, one of the computers is running a DHCP server). [/pedantic]
  21. exp(x)

    The world's most promising Physicist?

    Pft, physics. He should prove P != NP instead and grab the $1M prize.
  22. exp(x)

    us government shutdown - it's happening

    My research is partially funded by DARPA, so I'm a bit worried by this.
  23. exp(x)

    Doom running on a ZX Spectrum computer.

    How could you look at this and possibly think it was Doom port? If I painted some demon sprite frames on a cardboard box and walked around with it over my chest, would you think I had ported Doom to real life?