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  1. doomer06

    Kiss of Death

    i loved the first bit. the starting felt like e3/4 styled. however, i kinda felt a small quality drop in the part after the rocket launcher. it was still good though
  2. ok well... i didnt have much fun, but heres why: your level design is perfect your texturing is perfect and i think everything is perfect visually. but then theres the monsters... oh boy, theres the monsters. everywhere i step its like: monster closet here monster trap there chaingunner here a million imps over there. i think its too much for uv (in my opinion) thank god the player gets the ssg but then they get stuck in like a 256x256 room with barons and imps with a rocket launcher and everywhere you shoot you just die from the explosion. i know im ranting but it overall wasnt fun for me... but i did love your level design! 4/10
  3. doomer06

    New to mapping!!

    honestly, its alright for a first map i guess. though i think you really need to work on your large empty spaces. like @FireWarden1000 said, large empty spaces are ugly and you should probably focus on the smaller rooms. i recommend going back and playing all the first levels in all 4 episodes of doom 1 (e1m1, e2m1, e3m1, e4m1) in im too young to die (to minimize distractions) and take a look at EVERYTHING. i mean everything. windows, halls, texture alignment, and most importantly, differences in elevation. if you want purely a tech base, e1 is the best, if you want hell mixing with machines, e2 is the best, if you want hell, e3 is the best, and if you want.... earth mixed with hell? (idk what e4 resembles) then e4. just some things to take note of and i hope to see more maps improving in the future!
  4. doomer06


    hot garbage. look, im sorry if its your first map i understand but this is near unplayable. you put cyberdemons everywhere. the only way i was able to get rid of one was with an infight and then the other one killed me in an enclosed space. seriously, watch some tutorials on how to build a decent wad and then post it, youll help out everyone on this website.
  5. doomer06

    doors seem to not work

    thanks. lines facing out was the issue. i tag everything correctly 👍
  6. doomer06

    doors seem to not work

    but i dont want the player to be trapped after the door closes behind them.
  7. doomer06

    doors seem to not work

    i can make doors but i can only go foward to open but when i want to go back it doesnt open. ive checked the box "repeatable action" and it doesnt do anything. then, whenever i mark it as "player can use from back" it lowers the ceiling height, breaking the map and still doesnt open the door. how on earth do i fix this? any help would be awesome. thanks.