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  1. Christerray

    Which is the best?

    Recently, I was approached by a fellow gamer on a web forum. He had posted the topic "Half Life 2, Halo 2, or Doom 3?". Many people addressed to the subject, and were taking different sides. Everyone, apparently, had mixed feelings about which would be the best. Half Life 2, for it's brilliant use of physics. Halo 2, for it's great gameplay and storyline. Doom 3, for it's horror element. It seemed that the FPS world was being torn apart with these three games. People argued over which would be the best. And, well, I could only say one thing. Who cares which one is best? I'm getting all three and loving them the same.
  2. Christerray

    Will this computer run Doom 3 at full potential?

    Eh, I deserved it. It was either here, or G4TV. And since none of those people know what they're talking about... (ie Half-Life 2 is gonna PWN Doom3! HAW HAW! Doom 3 is teh sucks.)
  3. Christerray

    Will this computer run Doom 3 at full potential?

    Thanks Dark. I'm pretty new to system building and stuff, since the comp i'm running now is a 1.6 gig I built myself, but really didn't know crap about graphics cards and the like. That's why i'm confused. I heard the higher the graphic card ram, the better resolution performance. I'm only planning on running the game at one above 1024x768, but if my card allows it, i'll go higher... And I don't mind you're ripping on me. I deserve it for being a dip. I appreciate your help, though. I'll go crucify myself, now.
  4. Christerray

    Will this computer run Doom 3 at full potential?

    You sure, man? I was playing 1024x768 on a 15 inch crt. God, I must be friggin braindead... Or, i'm being ripped on again. Blah. Fine, forget I asked it ;.; I'll take my chances with the 128. Meanies.
  5. Christerray

    Will this computer run Doom 3 at full potential?

    Yeah, I did check the sticky before posting. But I'm talkin about the 128 mostly. Will it be good enough, or do I need the 256? *Feeling like a total dips**t*
  6. Christerray

    Will this computer run Doom 3 at full potential?

    Serious? I need to get that card? I wanted to buy a friggin pc built by professionals for this game. I didn't wanna toy with it myself. Argh! EDIT: Or, you're yanking my cranker cause i'm a newb. C'mon guys, seriously. I just need to know. I know it's annoying as crap, and I was annoyed by people like me, but all I need to know is if it's good enough.
  7. Yeah, you guys have probably answered all these questions...but I want to know, since i'm dropping a good $1,700 into the Dell made PC. I can't decide if she's good enough, if it is a good goal to set for me...so, without further adeu... Dell Dimension 8300 Series: Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 3.2GHz w/800MHz FSB Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Memory: 1GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz (2x512M) Hard Drive: 80GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive (7200 RPM) (When I'm done with games, they get deleted. So, 80gb is plenty) CD orDVD Drive: Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + FREE UPGRADE! 8x DVD+RW Drive Monitors: 17 in (16 in viewable,.27dp) E773c CRT Monitor (Don't tell me to get bigger, I currently have a 14 incher) Video Card: New 128MB DDR ATI RADEON? 9800 Pro Graphics Card with TV-Out and DVI (Is she powerful enough, or should I spend an additional 300 for the 256?) Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 (D) Card with Dolby® Digital 5.1 capability (No speakers, using headset) Keyboard: Dell® Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Mouse: Logitech® MX? 500 Optical Mouse (8 buttons, baby)