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  1. Saki

    I'm working on a Doom manga. (First reveal)

    Hi again, thank you so much for many positive words everyone! I'm happy you enjoyed them. We'll share concept visuals in the future, stay tuned! XD
  2. Saki

    I'm working on a Doom manga. (First reveal)

    Hi! Thanks for introducing me, these are my Doom drawings I drew so far. Hope you enjoy them.
  3. Saki

    Doom Drawing1

    Thank you so much for saying so, and thank you for looking the page! XD
  4. Saki

    Doom Drawing1

    This is Doom commission drawing on Skeb: https://skeb.jp/@saki693 I have a lot to learn about the world of Doom, I enjoyed drawing them and I love designs of characters! Especially Summoner and Marauder. Thank you so much for your request XD