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  1. invaderNny

    heh (very small clip)

    how can you say that's bad? that was hilarious. You dumbasses didn't think of it.
  2. invaderNny

    If you could vote a monster...

    I hate the revenant and it's cheater missiles.
  3. invaderNny

    Doom3 Multiplayer?

    uh, moron, you and I are talking about word variation. Since when did you have an opinion on Quake 1? In my previous post I made the comment that just because the RL was the best weapon, didn't mean that as long as you have skill, you can't easily take someone down with a super nail gun or even a shotgun.
  4. invaderNny

    Doom3 Multiplayer?

    My use of the word idiot was to "back up my claim," what's your excuse? huh? idiot? HUH IDIOT? IDIOT!
  5. invaderNny

    Doom3 Multiplayer?

    only an idiot that doesn't know how to use the rocketlauncher would think that it isn't very fun.
  6. invaderNny

    Doom3 Multiplayer?

    wobbo you're an idiot
  7. invaderNny

    Doom3 Multiplayer?

    I don't think weapon balance is all the important. In quake one, the rocket launcher was THE weapon. Just because everyone went for it, didn't mean that you couldn't jack someone up with a super nail gun. I think it was better that way. They should make a threewave 3.5 mod for doom3 :) no mod to be downloaded, just a grappling hook, flags and runes. Man.. those were the days..
  8. invaderNny

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    pfft. conformists.
  9. invaderNny

    Game Box sited!

    oh San andreas looks soo sweet. I can't wait to play that mofo. Too bad PC release is probably christmas 2005
  10. invaderNny

    what would make a good doom 3 mod?

  11. invaderNny

    what would make a good doom 3 mod?

    I can't wait to check out the modeling/texture tools that come with doom 3. what do you guys think would make a good mod? natural selection would be nice with the doom3 engine
  12. invaderNny

    Doom 3 co-op on XBOX Live

    here's what I'm trying to say, Coopersville. It really isn't fun. It's really just a waste of all of our lives. ok look, we all shit and piss right? Imagine shitting out valuable minutes of your life every morning before work or school, or whatever it is you do after you wake up in the morning. You see? It's a waste of all of our lives.
  13. invaderNny

    Doom 3 co-op on XBOX Live

    educated people don't waste their time arguing about nothing. Why, it's boring and retarded. thanks.
  14. invaderNny

    Doom 3 co-op on XBOX Live

    dsm, you're the one that said it is "way harder," why don't you explain your logic? That doesn't make any sense. If they can do it in Doom 1 over a modem, there's no reason why they can't incorperate it into doom3. If you can shoot another marine, it shouldn't be that hard to add an imp for two marines to shoot.