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  1. Insaneprophet

    [BOOM] Parallelism - 3 Small Maps

    I was going to say short but sweet. I was also gunna say soft lock at the beginning under blue key piller next to first step up. I dun got beaten to both. I really liked these. Prisisly because of the limited weapons and ammo. Guess i got beaten to saying that too. Thanks for making these.
  2. Insaneprophet

    Doom Open World

    Very cool but I kinda wonder how the secret levels are handled and i think it might be nice to have little secret spots and easter eggs outside around the backs of buildings and whatnot.
  3. Insaneprophet

    Doom 2 in a continuous map

    Seemed really cool so far but the first 2 teleporters u come to in the third part dont work. Now im stuck down in the secret.
  4. Insaneprophet

    Welcome to die.

    Agreed, just as fun as the first one. I replayed the first one and found it much more pleasant this time around but i still left the lvl with like 15 health. Well I always play on despite my circumstances so once again i was scrambling around almost dead the whole map. I almost feel it was made more fun by my need to be more careful. Once again the difficulty seems to hit that sweet spot. Not easy by any means but not so hard that you need to grind against it. The design work and texturing also go a long way towards making these maps some of the more interesting ones that pop up. Thanks for making these.
  5. Insaneprophet

    Crash Landing Evacuation (small map)

    I spent way longer on this map than I wish I had. Wasnt an enjoyable time for me but someone out there might like it. And really all that matters is that the author is happy with his creation. Thanks for making this.
  6. Insaneprophet

    Generic Blasphemy for DOOM 2

    That was a fun little set. I assume these are your first maps as they arent very hard, very detailed or very long. If you keep going they will make a great begining to a mega wads worth of levels that will only get better the more you make. I have, as of yet, never built a map of my own so dont take anything i say as a negative. Some of the combat traps were genuinely fun but for the most part i felt there could have been way more demons. I did notice a few misaligned textures and even a spot i could see through the floor to the floor below me, probably a missing texture. It was very reminisent of the wads that i used to play in the 90s, but again, I am not knocking it as I can only hope my first levels will be this good. Please keep at it and thank you for making this.
  7. Insaneprophet


    Jumping In Doom (a sermon on the morality of changing the base movement of our Holy game) I recently played a wad that I specifically searched out, that was known to have all of the attributes and fit all of the criteria I was looking for. (Long/Adventure/Difficult) It was made by someone who went on to become a well known/well regarded author and I went in to it with every intention of writing an indepth review for this thread because I thought I'd love it. I am unable to even begin reviewing said level. It had begun well and was shaping up to perhaps become everything I had hoped it to be when about 15 to 20 minutes into play I came to a screeching halt. I had nowhere left to go, I'd gone well into four different routes and killed over 200 demons and found myself at four different dead ends. One route had a key door, one bars that needed to be raised, one route looped around to bring me back to the fourth that lead me to a pool of lava with ascending/decending islands that were to high and too far to run to. I spent at least 20 more minuted running back and forth looking everywhere I'd been before and trying again and again to strafe run across the lava. There really was nowhere to go and nothing i was missing. It took some looking but i found some mention of how "jumping is required " in a thread somewhere. Let me tell you that jumping is the last thing I would ever consider as being an option in a Doom level. You cant jump in doom! Jumping just feels cluncky and out of place to me. The answer was to just run across the lava and jump up on the other side because you didnt even need to go on the islands or pillers in the middle. I dont know anything but from then on everything i thought might make for interesting strafes from non obvious angles on inobtrusive ledges turned into a simple matter of jump up here, jump up there. And every time gamplay came to a stop, so i could look at the keyboard and remember what finger had to hit the jump key and move on. This isnt a knock on the level i was playing or its author because everything else was epic and involving. Immersion was broken though, again and again. Its not what Im used to, its not what Im comfortable with and I was no longer able to look at the level objectively due to my subjective preferences. So I know that wasnt the only wad or mod that has changed movement/ sprites/ weapons/ monsters/ gameplay nor am I ignorant to the fact that a large portion of players enjoy such things. But I beseech you, jumping is wrong! If you look within yourselves Im sure youll see my truth that jumping is a sin! Save your soul. Stop condoning jumping in Doom!!
  8. Insaneprophet

    HABITATS (vanilla biweekly adventure!)

    Really tight fun level. Easy peasy but sometimes its nice to relax while killing demons, especially when a map is this pretty. Cant wait till the next one and im hoping you keep bundling them together as they come out so I have a good reason to replay them. And yeah if I hadnt read the comments first i would have been stumped for even longer than i was on the first room. Thanks for making this one.
  9. Insaneprophet

    My First WAD, THE DEEP

    Wooho!! First!! 😀 That was a fun little level. Im not a tester so if theres issues I didnt notice them. Everything worked well and even though i didnt feel like I was playing really sloppy it gave me a bunch of troubles. Its not really anything hard but it got me dead a bunch of times. You seem to have a handle on how to make maps now keep doing it and make me a magnum opus to play 😀 By the way, I only found 3 secrets, Im going to run around it from scratch once more to hunt around but it wasnt that large and i was looking for them the first time so I cant imagine what else there is to find. Dont want to spoil anything but i thought i really found something special with the last one but after trying again a different way the same thing happened, cool anyways. Thanks for making this and keep it up. One day i too will experience the fun of mapping.
  10. Insaneprophet

    Any great 10+ map wads with a heavy to moderate focus on custom assets.

    I second the 3 Jamal Jones wads, having played all of them multiple times, I can verify how standard the doom play feels dispite the demon and weapon modifications. If you like those than you will also like Rowdy Rudy 1 and 2 and Ray Mohawk 1 and 2 😀
  11. I know i commented recently but i really just felt the need to reiterate exactly how great the maps are. I am in map 16 now and not only is there not one single dud but i dont think there are any i can single out as better than the rest. Every map continues to impress me in new and interesting ways. They are just so well built that nothing becomes monotonous or feels reused but it holds together superbly. ViolentBeetle has a style to their mapping that is familiar throughout but presents new ideas and senarios consistantly. Everything about this set has screamed proffesionaliam to me and i cant sing its praises loud enough. Thanks you again for making this!
  12. Insaneprophet

    Maps which feel like megawads

    I second Lost Civilization, every map is its own adventure. From Hell to Eternity is another 5 lvl set that contains all long maps, lvl 4 Arch-isle being a massive 2-3 hour affair. Ive also been having a ton of fun with all the maps in the new Boomer megawad. These are just some of my favorites off the top of my head. These long adventure maps are what i find to be most immersive and have always been the levels i seem to enjoy the most.
  13. Insaneprophet

    Can someone help me find a map from my description?

    I hope you find what your looking for, sounds like a super fun lvl.... also sounds like about 1000 other super fun lvls ive played over the years 😀
  14. Insaneprophet

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    So this might not be the absolute right place to post this but i have just found about 25 old floppy disks filled with wads that I downloaded back in what had to be 1995. Since i havnt had a computer that has a disk drive in probably 15 years or more, these are in fact lost wads of MY history. Reading the names on them I absolutely remember some of them as being my favorite levels and even some of them that ive looked for and been unable to find on idgames and doomshack or through google searches. I would love to be able to play these again as i would only put on disk stuff that was above average in my opinion and couldnt be found in most archives or on cd compilations. Just thought it was kinda cool finding these and wanted to share my dicovery. Now i have to contemplate getting at them...
  15. Just got into this and so far the levels are really really fun. Layouts are intricate and nicly detailed, not overly so. Progression and enemy density is spot on perfect. Everything leads right into the next without being entirely linear and there is constantly someone to kill or be killed by. The secrets are there and not there at the same time so you can run into some with normal play and a doomers eye but to get them all youll have to most likely do some hunting. I am very pleasantly impressed, it plays out as just quality doom at its finest. Thank you for making this! Lol, just read the last posts and i think i got the rocket launcher in the wrong way too, but hey, if it works it works 😀