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  1. Well... Ive been wanting to try jumping in on one of these eventually.... but.... I guess not this one 😝
  2. So Ive gotten all the skull keys and two of the normal ones. Ive got five of the six secrets. Still havnt figured out the bfg outside... but thats not what Im here for. On the way to what must be the yellow key I am completely blocked by barrels that wont let me get to the open window. Im wondering if this is an oversight? A problem with my lzdoom or comp lvl? Or am I still missing part of the puzzle to get aroumd them and out of the tower? Ok so I have found something goofy. Near the bfg secret, that I still dont know how to get, Very cool map by the way. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. I am one of the people who really liked Confusion Constructions so I will be giving this a go. 😃 Yeah, I dont hate this at all. Ive been replaying an endless loop about 5 times in a row now but I know what i think i should actually be doing. Tomorrow morning ill test my theory. Cool shit youve got the best out of left field ideas.
  4. Insaneprophet

    Your personal list of the top 20 games

    The Legend Of Zelda Doom/Doom II Mortal Kombat 1/2 Betrayal At Krondor Civilization 2 Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 and 4 Dungeon Runners Minecraft
  5. Quick bug report possibly. On map 20 if you take the west side teleporters there is an area with pedestals over a slime pit. On lzdoom the switch down in the slime doesnt work on any of the comp lvls. And also... I cant figure anything about either secret.
  6. I'm afraid I've done you a geat disservice in my review of your wad and I intend to recitify the situation post haste. In a small way it may have been unfair, no matter how positively the outcome may have weighed in the anniversary's favor, to immediately compare this new release to a full set of levels that came out so long ago that its rightfully considered a classic. The back and forth nature of the playthrough and the foreknowledge I entered every map with invariably collored my peception and hampered any chance to see your work as a single entity and how its different parts worked together as a whole, independant of outside influence. And secondly, in a far more serious aggregious offense, I failed to play the entire thing with the music volume turned on. I apologize, I am one of the those dispicable degenerates that has never really cared if there was more than just the sound effects audible. Thats not to say I dont or cant enjoy music, just that when playing Doom, I just dont even really notice. Ive taken it upon myself to start a new run, of just this wad, start to finish, with the music turned up! Before I give a final thoughts type, review overview, I'd like to have a fully informed opinion. You've put the work in, you deserve it. I'll prolly just tac anything further on to this post in an edit. Just had to get that typed out while I'm on break from playing, already back through to the super secret level. @Cammy@Steve D THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This megawad has accomplished three things. It has captured my imagination. It has cemented Steve as one of my absolute favorite mappers. And it has given me a massive appreciation for every one of Cammy's many talents. The hard work, dedication and craftsmanship show not only an eye for beautiful detailing but an ear for driven inspired composition. You truely have taken a slightly disjointed, relic of the past and given this annivesary edition a structural integrity and singularity of purpose matched only by the highest end, upper eschelon, top tier of creative works. I can not sing enough praise for this. Its base, in the early days of mapping with multiple authors, gives it a diversity of design that can get lost by more current mapsets with planned themes, coreagraphed gameplay progression and less experimentalism but the final product displays a level of cohesion and over arching clarity of vision that it can only be matched by one of todays modern solo projects. Instead of coming up with a multitude of different things to, and ways of complimenting you and this wad i will instead cut short my comments (lmao) and state. Congratulations on release! Thank you for sharing it! And it has ended being one of my all time top favorites! 😃
  7. Map 26- With the last map acting as an interlude that resets the whole megawad we enter the final stretch switching gears and entering into a puzzle, but where as the demons are playing checkers, you're playing chess. The new ivory and onyx tile work is a focal point that gleams amidst the halls of this unholy ancient grey and green marble temple consecrated to Hades. The human mind cant envision how many souls have been sacrificed on these diabolical alters over the centuries but it all pales in comparison to the blood you and your shoutgun are about to spill here. Map 27- The trials and tribulations continue on our odessy across the realms of the underworld. The 96 map tells a story in the tradition of the other legendary maps by the author while failing to establish a narrative at quite the same level of heroic tale, but this all gets lost to history as it transforms into a fable of mythic stature when retold through the hand of a modern mapper. Its all of the details and extended elements fleshing out the plot that function to announce this as high fantasy. Map 28- We continue our decent into the abyss by arriving at what can best be described as Lucifer's cage in the pit. A philisophical paradox and conceptual nightmare the war against evil becomes a living torment of perpetual struggles and rewards. Drawing inspiration from Doom II's The Abandoned Mines this level is more claustrophobic and leads to an uncomfortable feeling of being entombed inside an iron maiden. The reimagined map eviscerates the tedium of confusion from cryptic passages but both versions hit hard and fast and will leave the unwary impaled and torn asunder. Map 29- Transported to a warped surreal dimension controlled and concieved by the most demented of eldritch monstrosities our journey is almost complete. Feeling caught in the spiders web with no hope of escape our only chance is to press on and confront the denizens of this plane of existence. While retaining the bizarre landscape and layout the new horrors you're made to witness feel like an escalation of what always was intended to be your last stop toward the realm of chaos. Map 30- Faced with the ultimate evil the original icon is replaced with a great four headed beast but in following with tradition very little of the design of the map is changed and as far as finales go, as long as you know your route and stick to it this can be taken down rather quickly and all of your switches and shooting spots are well protected so none of it gets a chance to become annoying. Spend as much or as little time here as you want. Final thoughts maybe tomorrow. 😃
  8. Map 22- I say this every time it feels like but only because of how true it is, here is another Steve D level and another of my favorite levels in the set. Not as much has been changed in the combat to make it a completely seperate experience as was done with map 18 but not every one needed a different spin put on it. This was a grand enough setting that just a refurbishing with minor adjustments to the set pieces was enough to keep this on par with the rest of the anniversary edition. Map 23- Steve has done it again with what could have easily been a map 29 in any other set and feels absolutely an equal to The Living End. The aesthetics and progression have been improved somewhat to make it feel both more majestic looking and less clunky to navigate while still offering multiple pathways forward, or backwards depending on how the mood strikes you. The reboot keeps the difficulty level on a pace with the last handful of maps letting you know we havnt yet reached the end of the set despite having encountered some earlier slaughter sections. All in all this is turning out to be one of the most well ballanced and cohesive megawads Ive personally ever played. Map 24- I do not enjoy being negative so I will try to keep this short. The original is broken as the first bridge you need never raises. Aside from that it is short with boring setups and boring fights. Perhaps it would work in the number 4 slot but not the number 24 slot. The remake stays true in all regards, changing/adding a little but in no ways uping the ante and thats a shame! Map 25- This was the breather map that was needed! Its cramped spaces with plutonia-esc challenges is a breath of fresh air after a run of long adventures then having the rug pulled out from under us. You're improvements really rev up the combat and bring this map more on scale from whats expected in todays day and age.
  9. Insaneprophet

    A salad is just a breadless sandwich.

    I put forth this argument that I have with my italian wife and son all the time. EVERY dish they make is indeed the SAME diner. Spaghetti, raviloi, mastacholi, lasagna, stuffed shells. They all have ground beef, red tomato sause, mozzarella cheese, noodles and most lilely are seasoned with oregano, salt, pepper, and parmesan. THEY ARE THE SAME DINER!!! And to top it off the side is always garlic bread!
  10. Map 31- Almost a straight remake of the original with elevated graphics and a more straight forward approach to progression. Done away with are the soft lock if you unknowing take the lift down to the exit before exploring the rest of the level and a confusing little room with a bunch of switches has been modified to be slightly less confusing, though there is still something about it that I dont understand. The secret exit has been made truely secret this time around as I always was missing one secret at the end of the original and it now becomes manditory to find it. I confess that in a moment of weakness, not wanting to miss lvl 32, I, to my eternal sorrow, used IDDT to find what I was missing on both maps. My apologies and you may now treat me with scorn and derision. Map 32- OMFG!!!! The original is a large arena fight that can be taken on piece meal or made much more fun by hitting all the switches as fast as possible and letting the chaos take over. The remake has taken the arena and said "fuck switches, lets start in chaos and if you hit any switches heres chaos ×10." In my first attempt I actually got within 30 or so kills left before the madness finally got to me. After untold more tries I broke down and started dropping saves and kept to a philosophy of, one save file, no going back, this led to having 1HP left for the last 60 demons but I managed and found that when the exit unlocks it would have changed the entire dynamic. Super super fun challange map in the super super secret slot. Will definately play this level again. Map 16- If my memory serves and I am indeed getting the map name right, this reminded me a ton of "Courtyard" in DOOM II. I always liked that map in the same way someone might enjoy an abstact painting or sculpture. The architecture and combat invoke that same proto-slaughter/proto-artwork imagery in the same way. Like a cave painting, and the update takes both the visuals and the fighting forward, to say like ancient hierogliphics, clearly indicative of the more advanced idologies but not as refined as the language that would evolve from it. Map 17- Nostalgia is still kicking in hardcore with this one which had me thinking the word classic on my entire first runthrough. Now where as I must compliment the enhanced texture work and lighting that are clearly an advancement, the layout changes felt a little superfluous on this map. While neat and engaging on their own, after playing the first map they kind of felt un-needed. I was able to sniff out all the secrets and every area already felt rewarding on first play but I finished the update missing 2 of 3 secrets and the feeling I got discovering the original locations. Luckily you stayed true enough that nothing gets erased, just a little bit felt lost. Map 18- Yup, Steve D makes good effing levels! Another epic facility this didnt need a tune up or rewireing of any kind to be a best in show. The new model however, keeps the frame and undercarriage while doing extensive bodywork and dropping a whole new engine into the gameplay. Faithful in every way to honor its heritage the new make becomes its own thing and feels like an entirely seperate level. Side by side the old map and the current one are favorites of mine in their respective sets, for different reasons, but equally as good as each other. Map 19- This is exactly what this map needed! It was surviving on nothing but its location and the early doom-cute cargo ship. Youve revamped this map into the demons making a full fledged all out attack on a major sea-port where the player is the last marine standing to defend earths freedom and liberty. Thoughts of Pearl Harbor and the horrors of war flood the imagination as one fights off the invaders and regains possession of a freight-liner loaded with valuable ammo and armaments needed for the war effort as the world errupts in explosions and death all around you. I only ever found 1 of 4 secrets and Im a little stumped on that front but this is an A++ 5 out of 5 star 3 thumbs up all the critics agree must see masterpiece that we havent seen the likes of since Saving Private Ryan. Map 20- A much needed breather of a map after the last couple of sagas. This was reminiscent of a standard late Doom II quality of level that got upgrades on all facits. While retaining the core gimmick of the map, combat has been honed down to a razors edge and the design has been polished to a mirrors finish to reveal a luster and clarity to this diamond in the rough that wasnt apparent in the original cut. Map 21- Another solid foundational map that gets rebuilt, keeping all of the structural supports but reframing the layout of the site and attaching additions when possible. Block by block the pieces that made up this map get repiled in different ways more accomodating to the larger popullation that now inhabits these unholy grounds. What we end up with is a new monument entirely but is in all essense still a shrine to what came before.
  11. I actually play with lzdoom and have tried the maps on every comp lvl and they all have blocking invisible walls for me. The only map Ive been able to figure out kind of why is on map 15 there are these little spiderwebs in the hallways I cant get past. On other maps those spiderwebs block me but if the room is big enough I can get around them, but the blocking walls Ive mentioned didnt seem to have the webs. And again Ive tried all the comp lvls, beyond that Im not smart enough to go digging further into settings or look in an editor. Stupid me just knows IDCLIP. 😝
  12. Insaneprophet

    What are your creative crutches?

    Any time I want to write poetry, song lyrics or almost anything,my brain goes straight to death metal. No matter what Im thinking about, no matter how little it has to do with metal and how much its more about a common human thought pattern. My brain starts to rhyme about how a zombie or serial killer or viking would twist love into love of death, or happiness into happy to pillage or raising my child into raising the dead.
  13. Continuing where my last post left off Map 8- Another fairly solid original map that didnt take much more than a few quality of life improvements to streamline the progression a little, pretty up its appearance in the mirror and make a couple of the fights a tad more engaging. Map 9- This was an excellent adventure map just like Steve's last one. These are truely the reason why I play this game and very little was changed, nor needed to be, between the two maps. I was missing 1 secret and a bunch of kills at the end of the original and, though the secrets were adjusted a tad, I was missing 1 secret and 4 kills at the end of the new version. Map 10- Youve taken what was a small broken map and created something workable out of it. Its still a small breather map but not nearly as cryptic, ugly or something to just be seen as filler. Map 11- A cute as hell starport this truely was a cozy map. All you really could do was spruce it up some and and get the secret to not only register but feel just as rewarding to find as the shuttle crafts are to look at. Map 12- Another example of a map that in my opinion would have felt right at home next to Sandy Petersons maps in the middle of Doom 2. This is what made this set a classic to begin with and must have been a pleasurable experience to touch up and work on remastering. Map 13- Definately a map that needed some help. Like many from the 90s it had some ideas but implementation was a bit lack luster (as well as containing another invisible wall to idclip through.) Just a few gentile nudges in the right direction have brought this one back in line and if i could find the damn new secrets perhaps even have it standing tall. Upon finding them its amazing how much those new secrets added to this level. The character this map had shines through just a little brighter somehow. Map 14- While not the worst map I'd ever played, and indeed still a fun map to run, the original had some of the worst flaws I feel someone could make. Happily the revamp fixes every problem I had with the first. Everything from the useless areas you could jump to but had no purpose, the virtual inability to get all the kills, the nonsense progression and mostly broken secret to the lack of ability to back track and the verticality putting things too far below you or all the way up touching the sky, it all got fixed. Stellar job, youve turned a real stinker into a bottle of perfume. Map 15- The original is one hell of a beast and one of the best in the set. I enjoyed it so much that before even playing the anniversary edition I wanted to get that out. Im also doubly excited for what comes next because not only do I get to restart a level I loved, right away, but Ive already peeked and the new one doubles down on the demons so this is going to be exciting. If ever a map had the architecture that begged to be furnished with easy slaughter fights this would be the one. As it tended towards large arenas, difficult combat and overstocking you with ammo its almost like youve unmasked this levels true identity. By flood filling every encounter with enemies youve turned what I would consider an icon of the 90s into a hero for today.
  14. Well look at this! I just played the original on my last day off and now I have tomorrow off! Its fucking on mo fos Going to try a side by side comparison/review where I play every lvl of both versions back to back! 😃 Map 1- Huge improvement in the visuals right off the bat with the enhanced outside areas and added windows. Just a slight adjustment to enemy composition but what was changed really added to the variety and provides a small bite that really wasnt present before. Finally the complete remake of the final room boosts the quality over the top by enriching the environment, making the killing of its demons a little bit interesting and giving its layout a geometry that both surpasses the original and fits both Doom and Realm Of Chaos perfectly. Map 2- The only significant difference in this one is a beefed up enemy variety and certianly makes the levels traps much more dynamic. I did want to beat my head against the wall when after failing to make the jump out of any of the windows for the second secret and being forced to run the entire circumference of the map to get back and fail the jump again for the 20th or so time, then I finally noticed that the level now is only 1/1 on secrets.... Map 3- There is so much more going on here than just a fresh coat of paint. Everything has been overhauled, from the enemy count and placement, to the exact progression and layout, all the way to entirely new rooms and scenarios, yet despite the differences the soul of the map remains the same and the similarities are felt on more than just a surface level. Map 4- This one takes what was originally a kind of ugly, boring, blah map (that also provides an invisible wall that requires idclip to pass in one hallway) and rebuilds it from scratch. From the ground up its an entirely new level that only barely takes its inspiration from its predecessor and improves the quality by leaps and bounds. With its rooms more fleshed out and its combat modernized this map gets dragged into the present and leaves the 90s architecture in the past. I did end the level with 7 missing kills despite 100% secrets and items. I could hear some arachnos stomping around outside the map near the begining like maybe they should have teleported in up on the slime pedestals we first encounter them on, but I dont know. Map 5- All that was needed and given was some new make-up for what was already a highly enjoyable well made map. The teasing up of the outside area with the yellow key unexpectedly added more fun then I even knew this level needed. Just goes to show, when it gets all dressed up and spiffy looking, even an old wad can be one hell of a good date. Map 6- The original is a long exploration adventure that has plenty of secrets to hunt and tons of incedental combat to keep one occupied during all the progression and back tracking. Exactly my style of gameplay and one of my favorites in the set. Not alot was needed or done to update this one just a nip here and a tuck there, mostly cosmetic work with the only major part of the facelift coming with a welcome little slaughter fight hidden away in a secret that felt a little empty at first glance. Both versions are beauties in my opinion. Map 7- A simple map with simple tweaks and simple adjustments made in order to build up what was already present while still keeping it simple. The scrolling exit banner looks off to my eyes but thats really the only nit pick Ive got.