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Status Updates posted by purist

  1. I fly out to Benidorm for my stag 'night' today, which is actually a week long and shared with my brother who is also getting married this year. I'm expecting chaos, wish me luck and I'll probably be back in a week to let you know how it went :-)

    1. Maes


      "The Hangover", Doomworld edition?

    2. purist


      Not quite The Hangover but still a lot of drinking, laughing and embarrassment.

  2. I registered here at some point in this month one decade ago. I've not been as productive during that time as I'd like but I suppose 'Green Marine' purist would have been pleased to see what 'Senior Member' purist has contributed over the years.

    That is all really, I just felt the moment shouldn't pass without note. Here's to the next 10.

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    2. baronofheck82


      Respect, big ups and a brofist are in order.

    3. Clonehunter


      Now it's time to think of what else you could've been doing in place of DW for ten years.

    4. purist


      I would have played a lot more Football Manager or Games Factory. And I would have been 10 minutes earlier into work every day.

  3. Just got back from a Dutch Dash ferry trip. Before anyone asks it was one of those sorts of trips. I went with my son and girlfriend, had a great day in the Rijks museum and generally enjoyed the fortunately warm weather.

    On our wanderings we stumbled across a little retro gamers store that had these old consoles on display including a Playstation running a demo of Doom :-) after we left I wondered if the shopkeeper was registered here.

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    2. exl


      Like this? Thankfully it's not so bad outside of Amsterdam.

    3. CorSair


      Dream of bicyclist, I suppose.

    4. Canofbacon


      Yeah. Must be like heaven for a bicyclist.

  4. Hooray! Kind of.

    I'd been in a temporary promotion in my Local Authority for around 16 months that is presently due to end in April. However, I've just got a new permanent job at the same grade which means a bit more financial security for me even if it also means moving away from a great team into complete unknown territory.

    The new job is to lead a team administering discretionary payments from a static budget for people in crisis. Bearing in mind the hard times expected ahead in the UK because of the Government's Welfare Reform plans it's shaping up to be a very challenging role...

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    2. DoomUK


      purist said:

      administering discretionary payments from a static budget for people in crisis

      Loan sharking? :p

    3. purist


      The funds will be for people in financial hardship due to crisis and are not eligible for help from other Council departments or organisations with a duty of care. Some funds will be in the form of a loan but they will be interest free and it's unlikely crowbars will be necessary :-)

    4. Obsidian


      A job? You lucky basrad.

      Heh, job market's pretty bleak where I live. :/

  5. It's my 31st birthday today. Happy birthday me.

    Had some nice gifts so far including a PS3, new shoes and a squash raquet. If I don't get it I will treat myself to the BFG edition (please don't turn this thread into a FOV argument).

    I've also indulged myself by releasing the second Hadephobia beta probably a little prematurely.

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    2. Snakes


      exp(x) said:

      In that case, I had 3 Odell Cutthroat Porters and some sangria in honor of purist's birthday today.

      I miss Odell :(

    3. purist


      4 pints of lager and the last of my special reserve port was my lot. Thanks for the well wishing everyone :-)

    4. Cupboard


      Hope your date of manufacture was a special one. I'll blaze an extra bowl for you tonight.

  6. ...But I'm not very tech savvy. To be honest,I don't care too much about it's specs but the nightmare scenario would be being unable to run Doom as I know it now. My understanding is that most posts fix all but I'm not certain so... Is there anything I should avoid or keep in mind before I buy?

    1. Maes


      purist said:

      ... Is there anything I should avoid or keep in mind before I buy?

      Avoid Intel Integrated Graphics if running hardware accelerated 3D games (and hence ports such as Risen3D and GZDoom) is important to you. It might work some of the time with some games, and fail with others.

    2. Bucket


      Intel graphics are more than adequate for a game as old as Doom 3. Don't get caught up in the idea that laptops are good for gaming. Graphics advances may have stifled in the past years, making them run well on almost anything, but that's no reason to go out and spend $1000 on a laptop with a big honking GPU in it.

    3. Maes


      The matter isn't that it might "cut" it on paper if you simply count the number of unified shaders or pixel pipelines or clock frequency. If that was the ONLY factor, they yeah, Intel might be indeed suitable for an 8 or 10 year old game.

      The real reason why Intel crap is unsuitable for games is that they never have dedicated memory, and furthermore, unlike e.g. ATI or NVidia in a similar situation, the shared memory size cannot be controlled and fluctuates dynamically (aka uncontrollably).

      The result? Some games might work fine, while others will refuse to start at all, confused by the shitty drivers reporting conflicting information. Fact.

  7. My boy Dylan started sketching out Doom maps on paper after I explained how I make levels. Encouraged by his enthusiasm I agreed to recreate his layouts in Doombuilder and let him pick things, flats, textures etc. I gave him only the minimal amount of guidance to make things playable so it's obviously very rough but I was more interested in what his untaught impulses would be. Here was the result:

    Doom Station of the Devil

    He's awesome at names :-)

    It's a vanilla compatible Doom 2 MAP01 level. He's made another map but I'll post that some other time. He was 5 when he made this one but he's 6 now.

    I'm interested in your thoughts. Dylan is more interested in your demos.

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    2. Creaphis


      My FDAs. My style might be too pacifistic for Dylan's tastes but it is what it is.

    3. Mechadon


      I forgot about these maps, so I decided to do some FDAs for the 3 new ones as well.


      MAP02 was pretty fun! I enjoyed trying to get the Cyber to infight with everything else. I was a bit disappointed in myself for that first rocket splatter and then finding the Invuln in the lava tunnel after killing just about everything :P

      MAP03 was definitely the hardest up to this point! I admit to wimping out and not fighting the Cyber at the beginning (on my first try, he splattered me and gave me a shock, heh). I just let the Baron and the Cyb fight it out while I grabbed the key and ran for my life. The BFG/floor crusher room really caught me off guard. First I thought the walls were lowering and didn't realize what was going on until I got squished. That was a pretty cleaver trap! The rest of the map was a lot of fun too. An exit sign might be a good idea though :)

      MAP04 beat MAP03 for the hardest map, heh. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to beat it. The beginning is pretty brutal with the Chaingunners and the two Archviles running around. I found out that grabbing what I could and then running past them and the Cyber was the best way to go. I got the blue key, found the BFG, and then almost made it to the exit...or what I think was the exit (the teleporter behind Romero's head). I killed Romero just as I died, so technically I exited the map. Very fun!

      Hey, just 28 more maps and he'll have a megawad done!

    4. NightmareZer0


      Use3D said:

      Well..now it is.

      I've always given a lot of respect to the guy who made the first custom Doom level. He made it with a Hex Editor...I have no idea how to program or use a Hex Editor to it's fullest. But that sounds hard as shit to do..