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  1. It's my 31st birthday today. Happy birthday me.

    Had some nice gifts so far including a PS3, new shoes and a squash raquet. If I don't get it I will treat myself to the BFG edition (please don't turn this thread into a FOV argument).

    I've also indulged myself by releasing the second Hadephobia beta probably a little prematurely.

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    2. Snakes


      exp(x) said:

      In that case, I had 3 Odell Cutthroat Porters and some sangria in honor of purist's birthday today.

      I miss Odell :(

    3. purist


      4 pints of lager and the last of my special reserve port was my lot. Thanks for the well wishing everyone :-)

    4. Cupboard


      Hope your date of manufacture was a special one. I'll blaze an extra bowl for you tonight.