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  1. Kratt1313

    Where do you download the Hitler mod?

    thanks greatly appreciated
  2. I searched the Idgames section trying to find the hitler mod for Cacodemon's where it replaces the Caco's with a hand drawn hitler face and I am having no luck finding it >_<
  3. Kratt1313

    Doom resemblances!

    An Imp sadly O_O;;
  4. Kratt1313


    thank you very much ^_^
  5. Kratt1313


    Sarcasm dually noted =P
  6. Kratt1313

    What's your favorite DOOM 64 level?

    If I could remember I would say but all I know is it's the one with all of the Mancubus's and Arachnatron's along with that CyberDemon
  7. Kratt1313


    how do you download the mods and .wads from that thing, I know it's a n00b question but I want to see the Hitler mod for the Cacodemon's >_<
  8. Kratt1313

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    The first time I had met up with the CyberDemon I had only heard stories of him and how any encounters with him were cut short with a friendly rocket to the face, I was about 9 when I first fought him I had heard the deafining roar and my friend that was over was like HOLY SHIT what was that?!?! while I was trying to find out what it was, all I could hear was the zzzzK-thunk my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest my hands were trembling so bad I could barley <--Spelling?) hold on to the controller. I had found a new area that was foreign to me I thought I had heard a rocket coming from my left I turned only to have myself turned into Stewed Tomatoes me and my friend sat there in awe for 6 minutes not knowing what to do O_O;;
  9. Kratt1313

    This is just plain wrong!

    Damn him I hope he burns in pirating hell
  10. Kratt1313

    How long have you been playing Doom?

    I had got the game when it had first came out but when I installed it it said that it was missing a .dat file ;_; I practilly cried then in like the fourth or fifth grade my friend let me borrow it for the snes I nearly pissed myslef the first time I played it so it's been about 8 or nine years for me^_^
  11. Kratt1313

    Doom 64 - Worth the purchase?

    I have heard of that b4 >_>
  12. Kratt1313

    Doom 64 - Worth the purchase?

    Doom64 imo is a great branch off of the Doom series and should be bought by many and played by all. The enemy sprites didn't seem that great but then again there just revamped Playstation sprites ^_^ which is cool and all. I think that if they would have made the enemies fully 3D with polygons and everything, the enemies would look totally out of place among the enviroments. it's a great buy and I think every one should get the game ^_^
  13. Kratt1313

    My Doom Marine & Cacodemon figures

    there taking really long to load I am going to try again later but i am sure they are awesome ^_^
  14. Kratt1313

    doom 2 favourite maps

    Tricks and traps starting out on the hardest difficulty with the pistol is fun >_< specially when you don't die XP My favorite level would have to be Dead simple
  15. Kratt1313

    doom 2 favourite maps

    could any one give some idea's for some Doom 2 wad files I have been searching for some decent maps to play but I haven't had ne luck maybe you pplz could give some ideas thanks ^_^