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  1. Kris

    Floating Objects

    Heh, I've played several wads lately that featured floating objects (such as floating cubes, floating pedestals, etc.), and I am using, like everyone else, DeePSea. I was wondering: how do I make floating objects?
  2. Kris

    A Question For Programmers

    I know this'll sound stupid to people who program for a living or a hobby, but exactly WHAT program do you go into to actually write the code itself? What I mean is, do you type it up in Wordpad or Notepad or what?
  3. Kris


    I see that you have caught the JHeretic bug. I too have it on my harddrive and it's one of the best looking GL ports I've ever played if not THE best looking. The MD2's are pretty cool, however the Gargoyle MD2 looks a little silly at first, but you get used to that. The Dynamic Lighting is simply beautiful to behold, no question. Purdyful. /me drools at the thought [quote]Liam the Tard=Ass[/quote Pay no attention to Liam, he's being dumb as usual.
  4. Kris

    Doom 95, whats the matter ?

    Well, the truth is you see, nothing is really wrong with Doom95m OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT IT BLATANTLY SUCKS.. (Notice the use of the word blatant. /me is intelligent!)
  5. Kris

    I'm curious....

    Well, I'm not for certain, but I do know it was incredibly crude and not at all like the ones of today.
  6. Kris

    How to use levels with EDGE v.1.27?

    And that's all you have to do?
  7. Well, I never paid much attention to EDGE before, but I went to the Source Ports section here at Doomworld and thought I check it out just for kicks. I downloaded it, unzipped it, and got it all set up. Turns out you can turn on GL graphics from the menu (an awesome idea, and one that more source ports **cough cough ZDoom and Legacy cough cough** should have, IMHO) and that alone makes this my new favorite SP. The only problem is: how do you play levels with it? It doesn't support click-and-drag like ZDoom and it doesn't have from-the-console level loading like Legacy. Instead, you have to load it from the MS-DOS prompt. I am basically DOS illileriate. It says in the readme that you have to use the command line -file wadname.wad. I tried with one of my Doom levels and it doesn't work at all. What do i do?
  8. Kris


    I've read a little about these 'skyboxes'. I know they are 3d like, but I never actually saw one in any level I have played from the Net. Does anyone know where I can download a skybox.wad file?
  9. Kris

    About Millennium

    Oh? No shit? Do tell. I figured as much. Oh yeah- and Lüt, I figured that much as well too. :)
  10. Kris

    About Millennium

    Hey, Lüt, oh great destroyer of forums, tell me: about how far done is the Millenium project? I have seen the pics and they are mighty impressive. Also, I wish it would get done, so that Team Insanity could get updated. If you check the news, the last update was back on April 4th-quite some time ago. Lüt, hurry up with Millenium!
  11. Kris

    Yes, I know, damn me for asking this.

    What do I like on MY pizza? Anything, as long as it's not a vegetable of any kind. I'm what you might call 'vegetable intolerant.'
  12. Kris


    Heya, DB! You can get the latest version of WinTex here.
  13. Kris

    if don't already have'em......look here!

    Hehehehe!!!!! Thanks a lot DooMBoy!!
  14. Does the EDGE console have absolutely any redeeming value at all? As far as I know, there are no commands for it. Why doesn't EDGE have the external WAD loading thing that Legacy has? That would make my day.
  15. Kris

    W0000t! B-Day!

    Yeah! I am 16 as of ten minutes or so ago! I was born on this day, September 13, 1985. Gimme me a present and Doom! /me throws a really big party