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  1. Batakanta

    Rakija.wad (Short Gauntlet Based Map)

    Yeah probably a good idea haha.
  2. Batakanta


    Very cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
  3. Batakanta


    It is clear that this is your first ever map so I will not be too harsh. The map is very short and playable. The visuals, although quite bland, have the potential to look great if expanded on. Or at the very least I can imagine what you could be going for. Other than that, the gameplay is not particularly interesting to play and the map is quite Wolfenstein-y. By that I mean that there is no variation in floor and ceiling height. Definitely do play around with that and see what you can make with that. Trust me, it elevates both the visuals and the gameplay to some new heights (no pun intended). Now on the publishing side of things, try testing the map on other source ports, especially if it doesn't use any Boom/MBF/ZDoom/Hexen or such advanced features as being able to specify the compatibility level will make the map more accessible to more people. I also recommend looking up some basic guidelines for making Doom maps on Youtube such as the rules used by John Romero all the way back in 1993 which still hold up to this day and the visual language of Doom maps created by DavidXNewton which give you a good idea on how to make a good gameplay flow among other things as they really help a lot. I can tell you're learning and I hope you do not see this reply as me attacking you. I wish you the best in your Doom mapping endeavors.
  4. Regardless, it is an amazing project. Captures the look and feel of Brutal Doom perfectly. Great job!
  5. This looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
  6. Batakanta

    Rakija.wad (Short Gauntlet Based Map)

    I just took a look in the WAD file and yeah, my dumbass put way too many OTEX textures, 99% of them being unused. I'll try to get around to fixing that when I get the time.
  7. What is Rakija.wad? Rakija is the collective term for fruit spirits (or fruit brandy) popular in the Balkans. Therefore, it is also enjoyed in my home country of Croatia. However Rakija.wad is my very first experience with creating levels for Doom II. Having been heavily into classic Doom content for the last 3 years and heavily detesting ZDoom based source ports, I have created a map that runs on limit removing Doom II. Due to having thousands of hours in Minecraft and being able to build very nice looking structures, those skills translated nicely to Doom mapping. Granted, there is still much for me to learn and I have no doubt the map has many rookie errors though fortunately for you, I prioritized the gameplay over the visuals. When it comes to the gameplay, I strived to create something thought-provoking. All fights are designed as small gauntlets that seem difficult at first but are quite easily dealth with once the player finds a working strategy. Health is abundant in the map as the challenge comes from individual encounters that can lead to a quick death if the player is careless. One other note (Spoiler for Secrets): What level of difficulty should I expect? The map itself is quite short, taking around 8 minutes to UV Max. The actual difficulty is lower than Eviternity and every fight has a reliable way of beating it, not to mention the difficulty is in my experience consistent. However, if you find the map too difficult, feel free to lower the difficulty. Enjoy the game the way you want to, nobody is judging. What compatibility should I play on? Doom II (Limit Removing) (-complevel 2) IWAD: Doom II Map has been tested with Crispy Doom and prboom+. If you are using ZDoom based source ports, use the Doom (Strict) compatibility without Jumping, Crouching or Free Look. <<<<< Download link for Rakija.wad here! >>>>> Credits: Level Created by Batakanta. Title and Intermission Picture taken by Batakanta. Textures used from OTEX Texture Pack: https://doom.ukiro.com/about-otex/ Soundtrack created by Maxime Tondreau (Psychedelic Eyeball). Screenshots: I hope you enjoy the map and I encourage you to share your feedback. - Batakanta